REPORT: Damar Hamlin responds as body double conspiracy theory goes wild on Twitter

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Damar Hamlin seemingly responded to absurd speculation about his return to Highmark Stadium for the Bills’ Divisional Round matchup with the Bengals on Sunday.

The Bills safety received a warm welcome from fans during the rematch with Cincinnati, which came 20 days after their Week 17 game was postponed and eventually cancelled after Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest on the field.

Hamlin, who watched the game from a private suite with his family, is being subjected to bizarre rumors that it wasn’t actually him at the game — although the Bills and the CBS broadcast showed him at the stadium.

The rumors started flying on social media, due to only fleeting glimpses of Hamlin being shown at the game, and many asking why his face was never shown.

Hamlin jokingly responded to the rumors on Monday by posting a photo of himself standing beside a mural of him.

“Clone,” he tweeted.

Speculation was running rampant on Twitter, over the secretive nature of the footage that was shown of Hamlin arriving in the stadium.

Twitter user “Liberals Leaving” declared, “Something’s just not right with this Damar Hamlin situation. And before you start calling me a conspiracy theorist, just remember us conspiracy theorists have been 100% right about everything over the past 3 years!”

“Why didn’t the NFL let us see Damar Hamlin’s face?” asked journalist Jack Posobiec.

“Damar Hamlin. Did anyone see his face? Asking for a friend,” another person tweeted.

“BREAKING — Damar Hamlin had a sudden cardiac arrest on the football field. The details of his injury remain mysterious. Now when Damar is in public he won’t show his face. What’s really going on?” asked James Cintolo.

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  1. I had heart failure last year in January & coded. I was always hot blooded until then. Now, I can’t stay warm enough. He had a tremendous shock to his body so I wasn’t surprised to see him dressed the way he was. Unless you go through it, you won’t understand it….Hence, stupid comments abound.

  2. I also understand why people are asking if it really was damar because of the fact that it never showed his face and even the picture of him standing beside a picture on the brick wall Doesn’t show his face why does he have his hood up and why does he have his face down. You can call me a conspiracy theorist but after what’s been happening these last three years nothing surprises me

  3. I noticed this day 1 since they said he woke back up. Where are his speeches? Why didn’t we see him walk out of the Hosp? Why can’t we see his face by the mural now? I’m a conspiracy theorist and proud of it!!! 🇺🇸

  4. Completely agree with the conspiracy theorists. Why wouldn’t you want to say a few words. Show your face. You wouldn’t need to give a twenty minute speech but come on. Show something. And how all the “ bodyguards “ were doing everything they could to not show his face. I smell a big rat!!!

  5. Good gosh, you people have too much time on your hands !!! He has been through a trauma that not many people survive. Maybe he didn’t want to show his face !

  6. You would be very greatful to show your face and speak to the public who prayed for you and put over 8 million in your go fund page. When someone truly comes back from dying – they say so!


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