REPORT: Dead heat in key Senate race, new poll shows as midterms inch closer

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new Marist poll released Wednesday shows a dead heat between Republican nominee J.D. Vance and Rep. Tim Ryan, the Democratic nominee, in this year’s closely watched Ohio Senate race.

According to the poll of registered voters, Vance holds a slight lead with 46% to Ryan’s 45%, while 9% of voters remain undecided less than seven weeks before Election Day.

The margins stayed the same when respondents were asked if they would definitely vote in the November general election, with Vance still holding a lead at 48% to Ryan’s 47%, and just 5% remaining undecided.

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  1. Ryan pulled off this conservative BS last time he ran and in reality he is a big liberal probably socialist who vote for everything senile old Biden wanted!!
    Ohio wake up before it’s to late!! Vance is a superior pick so vote for him!!

  2. Wake up America! This tight race is an accurate indicator of what is to come in the midterms. It will be a close tie as justnover half of America will continue to support Democrat commies. Add the millions of illegal aliens and some of their votes and you will have an easy win for the democrats.

    Dont believe in the Res wave; it is pure BS. We have to come out in massive numbers and vote to offset election fraud, stupd American voters and illegal aliens.


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