REPORT: Dem. Governor Vetoes Constitutional Carry for State

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Gov. Tom Wolf (D) vetoed legislation Thursday that would have removed the state’s requirement that law-abiding Pennsylvanians get a permit before carrying a gun for self-defense.

On November 17, 2021, Breitbart News reported that legislation to make Pennsylvania the 22nd constitutional carry state was headed to Wolf’s desk.

The article goes on to state the following:

Wolf’s opposition to the legislation was well known, and NBC Philadelphia noted that he vetoed constitutional carry on Thursday.

Wolf said the bill is “dangerous,” adding, “This legislation, which eliminates the requirement for individuals to obtain a license before carrying a concealed firearm, will only exacerbate gun violence and jeopardize the safety of all Pennsylvanians.”

Sen. Cris Dush (R-Jefferson County) objected to the claim made by Wolf and said, “No criminal has ever said, ‘I want to go commit assault and murder – but I have to wait for my license to carry to come in.’”

Wolf tweeted Thursday, “I just vetoed Senate Bill 565. It would have made it so people didn’t need a license to carry a concealed firearm. We must take action on gun violence and keep Pennsylvanians safe. Zero law enforcement agencies supported this bill. I stand with them and victims of violence.”

Office of the Governor tweeted Friday, “Nearly a dozen law enforcement, domestic violence, minority, and family advocacy organizations have expressed support for @GovernorTomWolf‘s veto of legislation that would’ve made it easier for concealed weapons to be carried by unvetted gun-holders.”

Wolf tweeted Friday, “I’m in Chester to talk about the important role communities play in preventing gun violence. I’m here to spotlight Panthers Community Foundation. It’s one of 40 groups awarded a grant to help us fight gun violence in Pennsylvania. Gun violence is increasing statewide. From 2019-20, gun homicides increased by 48% in Pennsylvania. I’m committed to reducing this violence and saving lives. My administration is investing in community-led programs to reduce violence because this outreach works.”

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  1. Wolf is just as big an @$$ as the rest of the socialist governors, too stupid to realize that criminals don’t care about the laws and will carry concealed firearms no matter what crap he spew out of his mouth

  2. Demotrash will always be scared of the second amendment because without they would have communises the country long time ago, snd they would be the only ones with it they would kill all American conservatives in a blink of an eye

  3. He will be voted out next time around. Gun violence increased because of the criminals with illegal guns and the BULLSHIT no bail in philly…. Bye wolf..

  4. All we have to do is say no Unless they can beat us and kill us without any opposition This will not stop.
    Yeah he let’s BLM and Antifa into the state to commit crimes upon you And you let this thing still stay in office
    Our constitution gives us the right to bear arms Not a pice if $&@“

  5. He can do what he wants but i know there are plenty that carry without, lived there for several year and this little douche isn’t going to stop these people rights to carry.

  6. Why not pass laws that make it illegal for criminals to have a gun, not a law making it illegal for every citizen to have a legal firearm…. Gov. Dumb a$$ make gun education a requirements, and prosecute criminals who have illegal firearms.


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