(Commenting on)  REPORT: Dem mayor proposes big government solution to grocery stores fleeing crime-ridden city



  1. And what his solution be when his govment owned stores are robbed endlessly? Put armed guards that won’t be allowed to arrest or detain the thieves. The the govment store closes down. Wasting TAXPAYER money. That is the DEMONratic way

  2. If the powers that be would enforce the laws, these businesses would not be shuttering their stores and leaving. This isn’t rocket science, people. Make and maintain laws and enforce them every time! Make your city a bad place to commit crime.

  3. Now you dummies are saying food is inequitable? Can you people get any dumber. Bet their cell phones are the latest, cable, weaves, nails, tattoos are they all equitable? Been to a McDonald’s lately and see who makes up the majority buying “healthy” food? There is no end to the whining, poor me bull💩. Most of establishments are leaving because of thievery idiot. Never ever will accept accountability, always looking for the taxpayers to provide your culture with everything possible, FREE of course. Disgusting scumbag and so typical of the devil DEMONcrates.


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