REPORT: Dem-run city’s largest children’s hospital offers ‘kink’ and ‘trans-friendly’ sex toys for minors

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Editor’s note: This article first appeared in City Journal.

The largest children’s hospital in Chicago has created partnerships with local school districts to promote radical gender theory, “kink,” “BDSM,” and “trans-friendly” sex toys for children.

I have obtained insider documents that reveal this troubling collaboration between gender activists at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and school administrators throughout the Chicago area. According to these documents, and a review of school district websites, Lurie Children’s Hospital has provided materials to school leaders promoting radical gender theory, trans activism, and sexually explicit materials in at least four Chicago-area public school systems: District 75, District 120, District 181, and District 204. According to a whistleblower, these documents were circulated to administrators, teachers, and other staff at the middle school and high school level as part of ongoing employee-training programs.

The primary training document, “Beyond Binary: Gender in Schools,” follows the basic narrative of academic queer theory: white, Western society has created an oppressive gender binary, falsely dividing the world into the categories of man and woman, that has resulted in “transphobia,” “cissexism,” and “systemic discrimination” against racial and sexual minorities.

“The presentation encourages teachers and school administrators to support “gender diversity” in their districts, automatically “affirm” students who announce sexual transitions, and “communicate a non-binary understanding of gender” to children in the classrooms. The objective, as one version of the presentation suggests, is to disrupt the “entrenched [gender] norms in western society” and facilitate the transition to a more “gender creative” world,” Rufo warns.

Teachers were also encouraged to offer sexually explicit resources to children as young as 11, the report states.

As part of the “Beyond Binary” president, the hospital recommended a “Binder Exchange Program” to help teenage girls in binding their breasts, as well as a “kid friendly website for gender-affirming gear,” which sells items such as artificial penis “packers” and female-to-male “trans masc pump[s],” and an “LGBTQ friendly sex shop for teens” that sells a range of “dildos,” “vibrators,” “harnesses,” “anal toys,” “trans-friendly toys,” and “kink & BDSM” equipment. The links include graphic descriptions of sadomasochism, bondage, pornography, and transgressive sex.

On Sept. 1, Rufo shared the following update on Twitter:

UPDATE: Chicago-area District 75 is doing major damage control following my reporting on its radical gender theory training, which promoted “trans-friendly [sex] toys” for children. Administrators sent this email to all families in an attempt to deflect blame. It won’t work.

The district confirms my reporting on the partnership between gender activists at Lurie Children’s Hospital and school administrators at District 75. They do not contest any of the evidence about the training slides, which I have published in full. They’ve been caught red-handed.

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  1. THIS IS SICK AND EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this true information??? Or is this bs political news…
    This is some very sick sh#%.
    If this is true CHARGES MUST be brought against this hospital and the people involved.

    Lord GOD Almighty please put your protection over these children and if some are adults then they are special needs adults being taken advantage of. Remove these evil people and facilities involved the way you see fit.
    Please in your sweet wonderful name…
    Thank you JESUS!

  2. They wouldn’t like me if they did this shit to my kids! Someone would take a beating God has nothing to do with it! I would show them no mercy!

  3. My daughter and I just moved out of IL. She used to take her daughter to Lurie’s for specialists her daughter needed to see. So glad we got out when we did. This and Pritzker’s sex Ed policy plus the Covid response in Chicago Public Schools was too much to take. They literally drove us to flee the state. Darren Bailey (for Governor) may be able to save the state from completely going over the edge but it would take a lot for that to happen.

  4. Its all an open door to pedophilia before our own eyes. they’re telling us they’re molesting our children and we cant do anything about it so we better get on the LGBTQP+ ( P stands for Pedophilia) train SODOM AND GOMORRAH!! Thats where the word sodomy comes from! We need the Messiah (Moshiach) NOW!!!!

  5. Perversion at it’s finests. Are they getting some kind of gratification taking some kids childhood from them. They were probably allowed to live a normal childhood.

  6. School funds need to follow the student wherever they choose to go to School. Stop all Federal money to Hospital teaching this crap and press pediphile charges on all adults involved.


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