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File this under “Truth is stranger than fiction.” We have now reached a point where Democrats are calling for black workers to receive time off work because of the verdict in a case where white people were killed by a white person.

Gregory McKelvey, vice chairman of the Oregon Democrats Black Caucus and host of the podcast Your Neighborhood Black Friends, thinks employers should give black employees “a day or two off” after the Rittenhouse verdict is announced.

The article goes on to state the following:

This is not wokeness. This is just stupid. It’s almost insulting to blacks.

McKelvey tweeted on Monday, “Employers, consider giving your Black employees a day or two off after the Rittenhouse verdict. Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be hard for Black people to work and it isn’t fair to expect them to.”

After catching flak for his tweet, McKelvey doubled down.

“What’s wild is all these people replying to my common sense tweet obviously have all day to tweet so these fascists ain’t working anyway. You took the day off to tweet we can take the day off to mourn lol,” he tweeted.

“Common sense: it’s hard to work when you are in pain. If your argument is Black people shouldn’t care about the verdict then you suck and just block me since you somehow got past the fascist block chain,” McKelvey added.

In his op-ed, Tremoglie said it’s “hogwash” to suggest that the trial or the verdict has anything to do with the black community.

“In the Rittenhouse trial, the accused is not black. The victims are not black. The lawyers are not black. The judge is not black,” he writes.

UPDATE: Rittenhouse jurors requested more info while deliberating, here’s the latest

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  1. Negro lost his fukin mind. Mourn??? Mourn what?? Does he believe for one second blacks will mourn for 2 White dudes no matter the verdict….. Fukin foolish negro

  2. Why other than this is Democrats way of again using race as a ploy there was no black person involved the two white men that testified at work living that Democrat must be a dummy crack because I guarantee if a black person was involved they would call it a race shooting a hate crime and it would be all over it

  3. How is this a racIal issue? Not one person involved was black. Just more race baiting by the left. This just proves they have nothing.

  4. Well, McKelvey…why expect black people to work at all. Just ask them….I’m sure they will say they are “in pain” if it gets them any money! What a poor excuse for anything!

  5. What he is actually saying is he thinks a lot of black people will be taking the day off anyway so as not to waste a golden opportunity to riot and loot so they shouldn’t have to lie in addition and have to call in sick and so he is arguing employers should be understanding of this.

  6. Every day Democrats show how stupid they are. Why do black people need the day off when no one involved is black? Maybe all the white people should have the day off since all the people involved or white! Maybe white people are upset LOL

  7. Let’s call it what it is. We don’t have a Democratic Party. That was desolated when they became a Socialist Communist party.
    America is is turning into a shit hole, brought on by these lying frauds. They want to cause disruption. What better way
    Than incite a riot. This young man is innocent, plain and simple.
    If a riot breaks out, I hope the police will defend the people by use of deadly force.
    If not, Your city will burn again.

  8. What’s not fair is to expect the rest of us in a lucid clear society to except your demented bullshit every day you come up with more crap none of it makes sense every damn one of you is polluted and you should be pushed off on an island somewhere and be forced to deal with each other because we are done with your shit!

  9. If you look at the other crap he’s tweeted you can see he’s a loony liberal snowflake like the rest of the democrats. God help everyone when these idiots take over. Stuff your head where the sun doesn’t shine , oh my bad, it’s already up the socialist a** 🤡🤡🤡

  10. Because they already know what the verdict will be smdh. Ricky SCHRODER bails Rittenhouse out of jail, Is it a family affair JUDGE SCHRODER, for the record, ppl that say African Americans don’t work lol well ask on judgment day working for the lazy folks that didn’t 400+ years. Why yall folks so mad ? lol


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