REPORT: Democrat tells Trump fans to avoid ‘wreckage’ after FBI raid, gets hit for his alleged fling with a spy

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On Friday, Congressman Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., tweeted a not-so-subtle threat to people still supportive of former President Donald Trump after the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home to allegedly recover classified documents he was not authorized to have.

Swalwell warned that those still supportive of the former president have one last opportunity to get “off the Trump train” before it gets “ugly.” Otherwise, they’d find themselves in the “wreckage” as he put it.

The article goes on to state the following:

Not intimidated, conservatives online blasted the congressman, reminding him of his own alleged romantic involvement with a Chinese spy.

Swalwell’s full tweet said, “If you’ve been aboard the Trump Train the last 7 years, you’ve been given an unexpected stop. Time to get off. Wherever you think this is going, it’s not. Trump stole Top Secret documents. He’s put a target on the backs of cops. This is getting ugly. Don’t be in the wreckage.”

Clearly accusing Trump of stealing classified U.S. government material and endangering law enforcement, he immediately got slammed on Twitter.

Trump’s former lawyer Jenna Ellis, tweeted, “The Espionage Act?! 🤣 If ANYONE is guilty of releasing information that could hurt national security it’s ERIC SWALWELL.”

Carmine Sabia, a Conservative commentator tweeted, “But did he bang a Chinese spy? I know someone did but I forget who.”

Buzz Patterson, a columnist with RedState tweeted, “Didn’t you bang a Chinese spy?”

Meanwhile, RedState’s deputy editor Brandon Morse tweeted, “This reboot of the Mueller Report is just as bad as the original.”

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  1. He’s such an arrogant asshole! His family must be embarrassed having slept with a Chinese spy! Feel sorry for his wife she probably deserves better

  2. small whirl needs to shut his F-_KING pie hole. He’s on the titanic with peelosi,nutless,shifty shit, and shoeface. All goin’ down.

  3. WTH does he think he is, you people have tried for 6 years to destroy President Trump, and now you’re gonna tell us to abandon him??? He is the legitimate President of the USA and the likes of your are not telling me what to think !!

  4. In their eye they are above the law they could do whatever they want however they want and if they get caught oh well prime example Obama Clinton now this character the list goes on but let Trump sneeze the wrong direction or fart in the wrong direction and he gets an FBI raid every bit of that warrant was unjustified unnecessary and every president has taken things home they shouldn’t have you just don’t hear about it or they don’t make a big deal out of it the president gives it back because the president himself does not pack up everything in their office or everything in their private residence of the White House so these people don’t know what they’re packing they just pack it everybody knows this shallow well you ought to remember people may have been hung and prosecuted for giving away nuclear secrets but they’ve been shot for being a traitor and being in bed with a spy

  5. I think Smallwell, is a traitor for sleeping with the enemy, Trump had files, but no a private server in the bathroom, keep dreaming smellwall..Trump 2024

  6. Seriously ,you gutless poor excuse for a man. You should not be on the intelligence committee. Typical communist propaganda accuse your political rivals of what you and your party are guilty of. The American people are pissed off having witnessed this corrupt insane woke freak show for the last two years. You and your lame ass party are done . You should be in prison. The establishment are going all out to destroy This Country.

  7. I almost spit out my chai tea because I started LAUGHING! That is the pot calling the kettle black!! Wow Swalwell should stick to hanging with Fang Fang and not worry about us…we got this!

  8. Hey Swallowell screwed any Asian spies lately. Why are you not swinging on a rope. You Tom Cruise wanna be. Why are you still walking and talking ??

  9. He’s he’ never had an original thought in his life and he never will. He’s dumb as a post. The only way he’s gotten where he is is because he’s got his nose buried up Shifty Shiff’s backside. He’s a joke, thinking he can threaten conservatives. He’d wet his pants if a real man confronted him.

  10. Swalwell you have a nerve you are a Chinese Spy contributor ‼️ You will be investigated in the very near future.. that is a promise‼️ We Conservatives support President Trump we are NOT getting off the MAGNA Train ‼️ Funny thing this Raid on Mara Largo 3 months exactly to the date of the Midterms.. your finished Moron & the Republicans are going to give you a “political going over‼️“
    You are the worst of the worst you are nothing but a “pantywaist moron “ you have one of the biggest mouths in Congress..3months November 8, 2022 your finished‼️
    Standing with President Trump ‼️‼️

  11. This POS will drop dime on all of them soon! He has no loyalty to anyone or anything! MARK MY WORDS! Why would I abandon the one man that knows what you all are, a bunch of communist A-holes that will do anything to cover up all of your crimes! You will sing like a canary when the time comes COWARD!

  12. Another idiot from my state. Time to make his farting video go viral again . He’s threatening people supporting Trump. He needs to be put in his place.,💩🤡💩

  13. Swallow well can kiss my backside. Trump train ain’t gonna stop for some traitor on the track waving his arms and crying for it to stop.
    Trump 2024!!!

  14. You threaten me, and patriotic conservatives, and with no consequences. If we were to threaten you????? . Hey California constituent’s, are you listening to this fool.

  15. Wow most Americans don’t take kindly to be threatened. This man clearly has mental issue!!! Sir it’s not your place to tell anyone who or what to follow!!!! These democrats are going to cause a war they can’t win!!!

  16. Besides riding on every other Democrat’s coat tails in order to get any kind of attention, didn’t he bang bang a Chinese spy named Fang Fang?
    Um……let’s see, papers in a room that was locked up with a strong lock as per a request from the FBI or sleeping with a Chinese spy for years.
    Which is more of a danger to our National Security? Hmmmm….I wonder…..


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