REPORT: Democrat wants to expand House of Representatives by 150 seats

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A House Democrat this week introduced legislation that would take one of the least popular institutions in the nation – Congress – and make it bigger in the hopes of making it better.

The bill from Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., would add 150 new seats to the House, boosting the total number from 435 to 585 House lawmakers by 2030. Blumenauer says more members of the House are needed because they currently represent too many people – nearly 800,000 on average – which is making it difficult for lawmakers to represent their voters effectively.

“[T]he number of constituents living in a single congressional district has dramatically increased since the number of House members was arbitrarily capped in 1929,” Blumenauer said Monday. “Current district sizes threaten the direct constituent connection on which the House was founded. Simply, congressional districts are too large.”

Although the law was established in 1929 that the House of Representatives would have 435 seats, Blumenauer argues that the law went into effect when the U.S. population was only 122 million.

He claims that since the U.S. population is now nearly 330 million, there is a growing imbalance, making it more difficult for congress members to respond to their constituents’ needs.

“Voters are more likely to sit out elections when their voice and input are not fully represented in government,” Blumenauer claimed.

Blumenauer is calling for 150 new House members to be added following the 2030 Census, then another 10 new lawmakers could be added to the House every 10 years,, depending on how fast the population is growing.

Blumenauer describes himself on his Twitter profile as a “Progressive Democrat proudly representing Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District.”

In October, Blumenauer praised Joe Biden for pardoning all prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession, and denounced the “war on drugs.”

“This is a vital step forward for ending the failed war on drugs that too often targeted people of color, especially Black and Latino men. While this announcement is welcome and long overdue, it is the first step of many that this Administration should take,” Blumenauer tweeted on Oct. 6.

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  1. Exactly. More politicians?? As if they’re even trying to represent their constituents…all they do is follow like sheep what the Dems in charge say.

  2. Yeh more THIEFS THE BETTER, what a fucn lunatic of a body to govern American, this is America MF not your own fucn ranch FUC YOU, I did not leave a communist fucn Muslim THIEFS trash country to come here and see the same thing

  3. So now they are throwing in the latino card with the black card.
    Looks like Latinos May be replacing blacks on the race card soon.

  4. Dems, you’re always making these silly a** legislations that could benefit in your favor when we’re ‘on’ to or exposing your many criminal schemes.

  5. ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is enough rot in Congress…we need less not more. To me it should be the House & Senate – 1 representative from each state – no matter the size or population of said States. Also, term limits. If they can’t represent ALL constituents of the United States, of their State, then they have no business serving.

  6. The “excess population” is no problem. Once the democidal Covid genetic poison has done its work we shall be down to about 110 million in a decade or two.

  7. Stop allowing illegals into your states and represent your legal residence! The constitution caps representation in accordance with population. It’s called establish a new amendment to the constitution which requires 2/3 of the states to ratify. See how that works for you.

  8. Lets see …

    150 @ $174,000 a year comes to
    $26,100,000 just for salary alone.
    Then house reps get in the neighborhood of 1.2 million for office staff and incidentals. in addition, Representatives also receive other benefits, including health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Most receive their retirement plan through the Federal Employees’ Retirement System. Members are only eligible to collect a pension at the age of 62 if they have served for five years or longer.

    A pretty good scam to be honest.

  9. Yeah Earl… just what the country needs; more corrupt politicians getting paid for doing next to nothing….
    I’ve met E.B. ….. he’s an idiot.


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