REPORT: Democrats Are Training An Army Of New Abortion Providers For The Post-Roe World

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A number of Democrat-led states are preparing to drastically expand the type of healthcare professionals who can provide abortions in response to the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, according to Politico.

Newly proposed laws in multiple states would allow individuals like nurses, midwives other non-doctors to perform abortions, Politico reports. There has been pushback from some who say the expansion will increase risk for pregnant women, but pro-abortion advocates fear clinics will otherwise become overwhelmed if red states begin outlawing abortion after the fall of Roe.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We saw what was happening in states adjacent to Texas, the increased wait times for appointments, and we didn’t want that to be what happens in Maryland, both for the sake of patients in Maryland and for the sake of out-of-state patients,” State Delegate Ariana Kelly of Maryland told Politico. Kelly introduced a bill which removed Maryland’s longstanding ban on anyone except a doctor providing abortions, which passed after Democrats overrode a veto from Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

According to the report, multiple states are dumping millions of dollars into training new abortion providers.

New Jersey’s Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy announced last week:

We’re proposing legislation to bolster access to reproductive care by:
✅Codifying the expansion of potential abortion providers to include advanced practice nurses, midwives, & physician assistants
✅Mandating that insurance plans in NJ cover abortion with no out-of-pocket costs

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  1. What could possibly go wrong?! This knee jerk reaction to something that hasn’t happened is crazy. These States are truly sick in the head for wanting abortions up to the time of birth and for some after birth. How could anyone KILL a full term baby let alone a fetus. This country has SO many options to prevent pregnancy. Abortion is archaic and barbaric. What standards are going to be set for who can perform an abortion? Haphazardly training anyone for something that hasn’t even happened is disgusting. And dangerous for those directly involved. Where is the humanity? What happened to compassion and empathy for a defenseless child? People are really demented. Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t want to get pregnant…abstain! Tie your tubes! Again there are SO many other options. May GOD have mercy on this nation!!

  2. How do liberals get away with the “kill babies” stance when they cry over puppy dogs and baby seals? I just don’t believe most people want babies ripped apart in the womb. Yet the progressives seem to have no problem getting voters to turn out for them. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere. They use language that hides what they’re really doing but don’t most people know a “woman’s right to choose” means the right to kill her human child?

  3. If this happens this Country will be under severe judgement from God, it will not continue to prosper.

  4. And those who are sexually active, just do your best to be more careful and use contraception. That would be a lot easier having a medical procedure and killing a helpless baby. Think about that!!

  5. Now the “safe” part of the abortion mantra “safe and rare” will become nonexistent for so many women. It’s not quite as safe as abortionists say but now the danger will rise!


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