REPORT: Democrats prepare to pass Inflation Reduction Act, securing big win for Biden

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House Democrats are set to pass the Inflation Reduction Act on Friday, securing a huge win for the party and President Joe Biden’s agenda just months before the midterm elections in November.

After more than a year of intraparty clashes and doubts about whether the spending legislation would make it through Congress, the vote on Friday is expected to be drama-free and without surprises. Democrats from all corners of the party have praised the bill for taking aggressive climate action, lowering medical costs, and decreasing the deficit, while Republicans blasted it as irresponsible to pass such a large spending bill during a recession.

The article goes on to state the following:

The vote comes less than a week after the Senate passed the bill on Sunday following an intense, all-night series of votes. The legislation’s future has been unclear over the last year as Senate Democrats sought to get centrist Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) on board. However, it’s likely the vote on Friday will pass without any defections from House Democrats.

Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern said on Thursday, “If you can get Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer and Kyrsten Sinema all to vote for something… I’ve gotta believe this is going to pass. I don’t know of any Democrats that are going to defect.”

Rep. Chip Roy tweeted Thursday, “Nearly one-third (150+ and counting) of the House of Reps have sent proxy voting letters to the clerk ‘due to the ongoing public health emergency’ for Friday’s vote on the $433 BILLION + Taxes ‘Inflation Reduction’ Act #EndProxyVoting #EmptyChamber”

Reporter Kyle Griffin tweeted Friday, “Today, the House returns briefly from August recess to vote on the Senate-passed Inflation Reduction Act.”

Rep. Andy Biggs wrote, “8.5% inflation is still unacceptable. The Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act will only exacerbate this figure. I urge my colleagues to vote NO.”

The White House tweeted, “With the Inflation Reduction Act, more than double the amount of wind turbines will be spinning in 2030 – turbocharging America’s clean energy future.”

“The Inflation Reduction Act will be the largest single law in American history to tackle the climate crisis – lowering energy costs for American families, creating thousands of jobs in the U.S., and advancing environmental justice.”

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    • If there’s any sense to people that’ll be true. But look who’s president. That proves there’s a lot of stupid people out there.

  1. Just the name makes one laugh, why do we even need a inflation reduction act? If you idiots would get your wasteful spending of our money under control this would be a non issue. You have ruined the economy, killed jobs, increased foreign dependency, and not to mention the hate and divide your corrupt party has caused. Your all disgusting swamp rats and this is another attempt to spin your socialistic agenda. The demise of America is on your filthy devil DEMONcrate hands

  2. What a bag of [email protected] This will increase tax on the middle class. The lazy welfare cheats (aka: democrat voters), illegal aliens and uber wealthy will not be affected. The army of 87,000 IRS agents will be set loose in us.

  3. If you oppose borders and border control but were incensed that Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines… .sorry, but you might be a Democrat.
    If you think 18 year olds are too young to own a rifle, but 16 year olds are mature enough to vote, a 14 year old should be able to get an abortion without parental consent, and a three year old is mature enough to decide its own gender… .sorry, but you might be a Democrat.
    If you consider bacteria on Mars to be life but not a heartbeat on Earth… .sorry, but you might be a Democrat.

    If you didn’t give a rip about mass, violent protests in the wake of the George Floyd killing, but you’re suddenly Hanging Judge Roy Bean with respect to the Jan. 6 demonstration… .sorry, but you might be a Democrat.

    If you don’t care a bit about hordes of unvetted, unvaccinated migrants flooding into your country, but you insist that everyone else have a “vaccine passport”… .sorry, but you might be a Democrat.

    If you think higher taxes and more Federal spending will reduce inflation….sorry, but you might be a Democrat.

    If you think doubling the size of the IRS and arming its agents is a vote-winning policy… .well, by now you get the idea. If not, then sorry, but you might be a Democrat.

  4. Those sobs call that a win ! They are demented! That bill is hiring 87000 new irs gestapos to prey on the middle class taxpayers! Taxes are going up ! Hey you democrat people out there you sre much to blame for these pirahs being in office! America loses to Evil democrat bastards!!!

  5. Democrats are the filthy pond scum low life’s of America. GTF out of our faces you despicable bastards. You have ruined America. Get that ungrateful biden regime out of the Oval Office. They are lower than pond scum. joe, up your ass with your tax bill. We all know you were a lying POS the day you admitted that you and your goons pulled off the largest election fraud in history. May you all rot in hell.


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