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Democrats have taken note of Republicans testing the waters in New Hampshire ahead of the 2024 election — including Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), former South Carolina governor and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo— and are lobbying that state and Iowa not hold the first primaries because the populations are too white.

The Boston Globe reported on what Democrats are trying to achieve ahead of the next presidential race:

Many Democrats, including some who ran for president in 2020, say Iowa and New Hampshire shouldn’t hold the nation’s first nominating contests because their majority-white populations don’t reflect the Democratic electorate. 

Those debates are taking place behind the scenes at the Democratic National Committee, as party leaders including former Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina both say states like theirs should appear sooner on the primary calendar, and Nevada state lawmakers have filed a bill to move to the front of the line.

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  1. There they go again…trying to further divide up the country by race and identity politics!! Democrats are a sick bunch!!

  2. Fed up with this arrogance and stupidity from the Democrats. Since you hate this country it’s time for you to resign, go home and pack your bags and move to Russia or China and see if you prefer living there.

  3. Wow! These nut jobs are really out of control. I just want to know when these POS will be taken down and we get our country back? Seriously!

  4. The DemonRats want to change everything in their favor. Republicans better stand up and tell them where to go.

    AS IF…… White Democrats, how a like them apples?? Lol.. U believing in Biden n his ” moderate” bullshit is coming around to bite u in the ass… This admin pisses on White democrats and calls it cooling them off.. U dumb sons a bitches…

  6. Wake up ppl! This is nothing new. The demonizing and marginalization of whites has been going on quite sometime and will only get worse as the demographic of caucasian western ppls dwindles in western countries – purposely brought about. And we are ppl who limit our birth rates but we should not or the caucasian race will cease to exist, and what westmen brought to the world will be destroyed more & more. Here’s defense against the anti-whites:
    NoWhiteGuilt.Org and on u tube. Must read books and weekly podcasts there.

  7. No, but they reflect character, qualifications, integrity, leadership, common sense reasoning, ability to make rational decisions and solutions which benefit the country and its citizens, serve the citizens of the U.S., follow the Rule of Law, less government in our face, secure the borders, secure the nation ,..shall I continue?
    That’s how I vote!

  8. To white! What insanity! What’s next? Weight, eye color, hair color, the color of your house? Maybe there should be an IQ test! If a person happens to be white then that person is labeled racist. Perhaps there are many that should look into a mirror as skin color means nothing and as far as I know not one person on this earth had a choice in the matter. STOP making fools of yourselves. Try to at least act
    like you use some brain power.

  9. Really? So sick of the Dems!!! In NH we do not grow up to be racist period! We have even fought for people who have been in our neighborhoods for years illegally so they weren’t sent back. Who fought against slavery in the first place New England. We are a fair and law abiding state unlike corrupt Washington and California. Dems are so sick. You keep dropping off illegals on our doorstep if we were racists why would you send them here. GTH

  10. Well see first day tried to racially divide the blacks now they’re trying to racially divide the whites instead of yelling BLM everybody should be together saying black white unite and that would scare the living hell out of any politician

  11. It’s always another schtick with the socialists / demoncrats. They’re always thinking of new divisive tactics, and methods to “slant things their way.”

    The dems don’t give a flying flip about constituents – they only care about more power for themselves, then for their cohorts. They’re disgusting.

  12. Too white? Helllooooo? Did they look at any data from the census?

    Can we call for an expulsion of these vapid cranium talking heads? They work for “we the people” last time I checked … how about a big ol YOU’RE FIRED! Until lobotomies are preformed or a miracle happens…. these crap stains don’t govern me or my life anymore. They broke their TOS to us ages ago, imo.

  13. Wait… isn’t that RACIST⁉️ Blacks and other people of color don’t own that word. White is also a color. Whites need to start calling out racism against whites. It’s only fair, if we are ALL to be treated EQUAL.

  14. Apparently the Democrats have no clue what the definition of racist means?? I think before the Democrats open there mouth anymore they better look up the meaning of what is indeed racism?? They all need to resign, immediately!!

  15. More proof-positive evidence that the Democrats are bent on undermining and destroying this country. They have paired themselves with the MSM as being the true enemy of the people.


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