REPORT: Designating The Cartels As Terrorists Could Worsen Illegal Immigration, Experts Say

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Designating the drug cartels as foreign terrorists would likely complicate the illegal immigration crisis, several experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

More migrants would attempt to use threats from the cartels as their ticket into the country, former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent in Charge for El Paso Kyle Williamson and former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told the DCNF. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered a record of over 2.3 million migrants at the southern border in fiscal year 2022 and a surge of over 230,000 in the start of fiscal year 2023.

Scott and Williamson both believe that the designation is still needed due to the cartels’ threats on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Over 100,000 people died in the U.S. in 2021 largely due to fentanyl, which comes from cartels in Mexico, according to the DEA.

“The immigration crisis could be exacerbated with asylum claims for fleeing violence from terrorist organizations,” Williamson said in comments to the DCNF.

“There are implications to designating drug cartels as terrorist organizations that could be negative. … It’s not that people would flee more, it’s that they would have a better argument in asylum hearings,” Scott continued.

“We have over 200,000 a month right now. The Border Patrol is completely overwhelmed,” he added. “This administration has ignored all that anyway, so I don’t really see that per se as a threat.”

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  1. So, maybe that’s part of their goal: a way in via asylum because the cartels are terrorists.

    The dems just want votes for perpetual power and control, in my opinion. And they don’t give a flip what they do to attain it. Pure evil, I believe.

  2. Wtf? All they have to do is walk across and they get a ride wherever they want plus they get more free stuff than retired Americans get. How stupid can Americans get?

  3. What difference does it make? Our traitorous federal government is not even trying to minimize this invasion. It seems like a hopeless situation, much like the voting corruption. The ‘bad guys’ appear to be winning. I care but am powerless. I am sure it’s all by design.

  4. Yeah right! How many of these illegals show up for their hearings anyway? These people are paying the cartel/coyotes to bring them over the boarder. How could they turn around and then claim they are seeking asylum from them?
    The cartels need to be designated terrorists!

  5. Cartel is a terrorist organization!They been terrorizing Mexico ever since new president took office. In fact a email reviled that the present government is supplying the cartel with weapons!


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