REPORT: Direct SSI payment worth $914 arriving in three days

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Select beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income are slated to receive a $914 monthly payment in just three days.

Individuals will garner a $914 check, while couples will receive $1,371 on Feb. 1 in keeping with the typical SSI calendar regimen. Essential persons who live with individuals receiving SSI and providing necessary care will get payments of $458.

The Social Security Administration rolls out select SSI payments on the first of each month. There are scheduling quirks for July, April, October, and January due to the first of the month falling on a weekend or a holiday. As a result, recipients will garner two payments in the months of March, June, September, and December, per a calendar for the program.

According to the agency, SSI payments enjoyed a cost-of-living boost of 8.7% or $73 per month, effective in January 2023.

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  1. So what is the term Select exactly mean?
    First of all a whopping 73.00 a month , that’s it? And what do the illegals get? This makes me angry , that’s OUR money that you scammed out of paychecks and yet you sound like you are doing us a favor with 73.00

    • Social Security recipients also received a 8.7% cost of living increase. Ask me how I know. SSI is for blind, disabled or anyone over 65 with limited income sources. Apparently you can also double dip in you are in one of these categories. My question is how much fraud in going on in the SSI program.

      • There is a ton of fraud going on in the SSI program and everyone knows it. Call mental stress a disability and you’re all signed up! I’d be interested to know of one person who isn’t struggling with mental stress unless they are millionaires and not worried about trying to survive paycheck to paycheck. I think every single person knows someone out there ripping our SS money off claiming just this one thing alone! Makes me sick! Most didn’t pay in a fraction of what they are getting paid while seniors worked and paid in their entire lives for half of what they get paid a month. The government needs to pull their heads out where the sun don’t shine and do something to correct this!

  2. This is the idea of the democrats to sweep in socialism so people won’t go back to work while our national debt is over $30T. The plantation is what they want to keep growing for democrat votes.

  3. Hmmm, a check for SSI recipients! I know quite a few on SSI that are very capable of working.
    Note there is nothing for the senior citizen trying to make ends meet on SS who worked their entire life and PAID into it!!!

  4. Who are these “select beneficiaries” ? I would really like to know? I am retired and living on my social security benefits that I worked my entire life for. Bet I am not one of them.

    • No Susie you are not nor am I but you should have gotten and 8.7% cost of living increase in your Social Security. These “select beneficiaries” are blind, disabled or anyone over 65 with limited income resources. Not sure what the income limits are, however you can probably find them on My concern in not who these “select beneficiaries” are it is how many are not deserving and getting the benefits fraudulently as well as all the other wasteful government spending that is contributing to inflation.


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