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Disney could soon lose exclusive rights to its most iconic cartoon character as Mickey Mouse’s 95-year copyright is set to expire in two years.

Mickey will become available for the public domain in 2024 under U.S. copyright law that states intellectual property on artistic work expires 95 years after first publication.

The article goes on to state the following:

Mickey Mouse first appeared in the 1920s and has become both the symbol for media conglomerate Disney and one of the most recognizable animated characters.

Starting in 1928, Disney’s initial copyright was protected for 56 years, then as the character approached the end of the copyright Disney requested extended protections to 75 years.

Then in 1998, Disney got yet another extension, giving them protection for 95 years.

It’s not yet known if Disney will ask for another extension before 2023 to prevent Mickey from being placed in the public domain.

Once the copyright expires, anybody wishing to use the characters or concepts from the mouse will not have to get permission or pay any copyright fees.

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  1. Who gives a rats ass about Disney. They got my money for 20 years twice a year for my husband and I when we visited the theme parks. Will not go back ever again. Go woke, go broke.


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