REPORT: Disney World’s beloved ride attracts record lines on final day, shut down over ‘racist’ claims

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Walt Disney World permanently shut down Splash Mountain on Monday, but it certainly wasn’t because of a lack of interest as the popular ride had record lines on its final day.

Splash Mountain, which is now shut down for a revamped attraction that is scheduled to open in 2024, broke a Walt Disney World record on its final day of operation. Fans waited a staggering 220 minutes – nearly four hours – to take one more ride, according to Thrill Data, which monitors wait times at theme parks.

The famed water ride, which features a steep drop, came under fire on social media because it features characters and music from “Song of the South,” a 1946 animated film that has been accused of employing racist tropes about the post-Civil War South.

For decades, the ride has been one of Disney’s most popular attractions.

The ride will be revamped under the name “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure,” based on Disney’s 2009 animated film “The Princess and the Frog.”

In 2020, a Disney spokesperson said of the planned replacement, “The new concept is inclusive — one that all of our guests can connect with and be inspired by, and it speaks to the diversity of the millions of people who visit our parks each year.”

A post on Facebook shows the long lines of people waiting to get one last ride on “Splash Mountain” before it was shut down.

Footage from the ride has been posted by multiple people on social media over the years, with many now saying good-bye to the iconic ride.

DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch posted a photo almost two years ago, of he and his family on the Splash Mountain ride:

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  1. People ought to boycott the new ride… but they won’t. They’ve gone so woke that you couldn’t get me to go there if it was free.

    • After 25 years of the place, can’t take it any more. The first year we visited Orlando was in 1971 when it first opened. Those were the days it was fun and not overcrowded, nor overpriced. Won’t ever go back now. Too expensive, too overcrowded, and two woke. When the mobile phone had to be used to check in for fast pass, bub bye. Not going to have face in phone all day.

  2. Another victim of the Disney companies pandering to the WOKE agenda and trying to cover with lofty speech about inclusivity and other virtue signaling terms. How charming.

  3. Such a sad thing, closing over stupid stuff. It never entered my mind it was a “racist” ride! Maybe racism is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. No more Disneywoke , no more promoting homosexuality, and any other BS they come up with anymore… you can have all of it, it has turned into child predator land…. Good luck

    • These assholes don’t have an argument, so they attach the word racist to it. This used to be one of my favorite rides. The drop takes your breath away. I guess I will have to get that same thrill over at the Tower of Terror, as disney’s new ride will be pathetic with its forced inclusivity. That is if MGM (name changed) doesn’t go woke also.

  5. Our society has become very demented! Sad to see the pettiness of the left nitwits! They are clueless of history!
    If we keep on giving into this stupidity they will never understand it either!
    As far as Disney is concerned why do they have to revamp a beloved very expensive ride over a SONG! Give me a break! Such waste in this country! Simple fix just play another song!
    These idiot CEO’s and managers are inept at business decisions. Very scary to think they have no common sense or critical thinking! God help us!

    • It was too simple just to change the song and leave the ride intact. But the woke idiots thought it would still remind them of their hate. Why do 99% have to bow and kiss ass of 1%.

  6. Everything is about inclusivity. Mainly meanings black or queer. I’m so tired of it constantly being thrown in our face. If we say anything we’re called racist or some kind of phobic. But if we don’t start speaking up EVERYTHING will be changed, banned, or taken away. Music, books, movies, history, art, games, and yes even amusement park rides.(of Splash Mountain, the complainers don’t even understand what Song oh the South is about).
    We need to become the squeaky wheel, before we’re all living in a 💯% black, queer world, begging to be included.

    • As for books, let’s start with the garbage that is now infiltrating the schools with sex books, forced crt, forced trans and gay books and literature on children. If I were a very wealthy person, I would go to every bookstore, library, and visit every school library I could find and rid them of this filth. I would clear the bookshelves in bookstores and purchase everything I could. Then, pick a place to have a giant bonfire with Fireman attending just in case and burn it all. Request donations be given directly to the Firemen for joining in the festivities. As for toasting marshmallows, NAH. I wouldn’t want those ashes to contaminate any type of food.

  7. That’s it!! I’ve officially become a card carrying Racist!!!! If I’m going to be called racist over every piddley thing in this world I may as well be one!! Will this insanity ever stop? The word Racist no longer has meaning because it’s thrown around so indescriminately.People need to get up off their lazy butts and get a job. Then they won’t have so much time to think up this totally ignorant stuff. It’s apparently a contest to see who can name the most things as Racist. So tired of this crap!!!!

    get up off their lazy butts and go to

  8. A few have to ruin it for everybody, I wish they’d start naming names of these insulted people, I bet 2 -3 people are the only ones who thought it was racist. Get over yourselves !

  9. Disney is Dead to me‼️‼️ Cannot even comprehend there logic anymore.. I have Christmas ornaments & clothing I will not use anymore.. grew up with Walt Disney it was a magical time to be a kid in the very early 60’s .. now it’s a very sad time as far as I am concerned they are no longer in my lexicon ‼️👎


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