REPORT: Doctor found dead in jail shower after conviction for heinous crimes

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Neurologist Ricardo Cruciani died of a suspected suicide at Rikers Island Monday morning, two weeks after he was found guilty of sexual offenses against six patients.

Cruciani, whose medical practice focused on chronic pain, was found in the shower area of the New York City jail facility with a sheet around his neck, The New York Times reported. Medical personnel responded, but he was pronounced dead approximately an hour later.

The article goes on to state the following:

Cruciani, who was 68, was convicted by a jury following three days of deliberations. The jury found him guilty of 12 counts including two counts of rape, seven counts of criminal sexual acts, and one count each of predatory sexual assault, attempted rape, and sex abuse, He was acquitted on two other counts.

New York City Department of Corrections Commissioner Louis Molina told the Times that he was “deeply saddened” that a person died in their custody.

He added, “We will conduct a preliminary internal review to determine the circumstances surrounding his death. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.”

NYT reporter Jan Ransom tweeted Monday, “BREAKING: A man was found unresponsive seated in a chair in a shower area on Rikers Island at 5:35 am w/ a sheet around his neck. He was pronounced dead at 6:30 am, marking the 12th person to die in custody this year, per sources w @WRashbaum UPDATE: The 12th person to die in custody was Ricardo Cruciani, a doctor who was found guilty last month of having sexually assaulted several of his patients. Story w/ @Jonesieman”

“A source said that the area where Mr. Cruciani hung himself was understaffed. A 2nd source said he was found by an ‘A post officer,’ the only one in a jailhouse that should have had at least 2 guards. Cruciani entered the shower area at 4:23 a.m., an hour before he was found.”

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  1. Are we supposed to be sad? Bullshit I’m sick of soooooo many of these assholes being sick sexual predators way to many in this country and the world that’s what we need to clean out

  2. Committed suicide by tying a sheet around his neck?! Seriously, how stupid do they think we are? Who cares about a serial rapist anyway? Just think of all the money saved not having to house and feed him.


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