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The Department of Justice is investigating alleged civil rights violations under Operation Lone Star, one of several problems with state leaders’ claims of success of the initiative since its 2021 launch, according to state records.

An investigation by several news outlets found that in showing the accomplishments of Operation Lone Star, a multibillion-dollar border initiative, state officials included reports of arrests that had no connection to the border and statewide drug seizures. Texas’s Department of Public Safety stopped including some of the charges after publications started asking questions about their connections to border security, according to the Texas Tribune.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Generally, cases are brought to us by a variety of law enforcement agencies — federal, state and local — for possible prosecutorial consideration following their investigation into a suspected violation of federal law,” Angela Dodge, a DOJ spokeswoman, wrote in an email. “We consider each such case based on the evidence and what can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a federal court of law.”

According to the report, DPS officials said in an internal email from May that the DOJ wanted to review Operation Lone Star. The DOJ wants to investigate to see if they violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Kate Huddleston, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union said, “It is critically urgent that the Biden administration not only investigate but hold agencies accountable for violations of Title VI to protect the civil rights of people in South Texas.”

The Texas Tribune reported, according to Gov. Greg Abbott’s office, the arrests and prosecutions under the operation “are fully constitutional.”

Reporter Perla Trevizo tweeted Wednesday, “Here’s what we know about DOJ investigating Texas’ #OperationLoneStar for alleged civil rights violations: In letter to @TXAG in response to records request by @LChurchilll, @TDCJ calls it a ‘formal investigation,’ and notes that the DOJ 1st requested information in March. .@TXDPS called it an investigation in emails obtained by @ProPublica @TexasTribune, after the DOJ reached out in May seeking information, particularly around criminal trespassing arrests.”

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro tweeted Wednesday, “Since last year, I’ve been asking @TheJusticeDept to look into the egregious abuses of power that are at the core of Operation Lone Star. Vulnerable migrants shouldn’t be suffering for @GovAbbott‘s political stunts. Glad to see that the DOJ is investigating.”

Rep. Veronica Escobar tweeted, “Operation Lone Star has been an unmitigated disaster that has wasted billions. After raising concerns about the legalities of the operation and the well-being of our servicemembers, I look forward to @TheJusticeDept‘s findings into @GregAbbott_TX‘s political stunt.”

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  1. So the Feds refuse to do their job forcing the states to take action. Now those states are feeling the impact of weaponized federal agencies. Yesterday’s lawsuit against AZ for trying to protect the integrity of their elections is further proof that Biden is more interested in weaponizing federal agencies for his gain than he is protecting democracy.

    Illegal aliens should have NO rights here whatsoever. Period. They deserve nothing from our country.

  2. Illegals are in the process of having as many rights as natural born citizens have
    Welcome to the United States of OBIDEN!

    • Looks like they will have more right & benefits than we do!!
      We have an installed president that is destroying our country or rather the ones pulling his strings are. He follows their orders but he has always been evil.
      Why else would they try to PREVENT voter integrity if they weren’t CHEATERS!!??

  3. Sorta like the j6 committee leaving people in jail for months without due process. And no true charges and no court dates until they make up charges correct. Where is the criminal charges for the only murder committed during this farce . This poc officer who on other occasions left his service revolver in a bathroom . Where he shot a unarmed woman in the neck murdering her for what purpose entering the peoples house without any weapons . Imagine that. Murder most foul needs redemption . The j6 is a farce and the people on it need to be investigated ,since when are people in this country charged and tried without being able to face their accusers ,please explain only in communist countries is this done .

  4. Leave to doj and aclu to make sure criminal are free to kill American and bring drip into our country!!! These two unAmerican liberal bullshit group need to be run out of America

  5. F*ck the DOJ. you shouldn’t need to rely on their protection or permission to protect your own backyard! Just like you should be able to shoot an intruder. Can’t wait or rely on cops to do it


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