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The grandfather of Hunter Biden’s out-of-wedlock child, Rob Roberts, personally hand delivered a custom gun to Donald Trump Jr., and the pair appear to have a close relationship, pictures reviewed and confirmed by the Daily Caller show.

“Proud to have delivered a custom build to a man that needs no introduction,” Roberts’ May 3 post on his company’s Instagram page, “Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works,” says.

The article goes on to state the following:

Rob Roberts is the father of Lunden Roberts, who proved President Joe Biden’s son is the father of their 3-year-old daughter Navy Joan Roberts through a paternity test. Hunter Biden has never seen his daughter or expressed any desire to do so, Lunden Roberts’ lawyer, Clint Lancaster, told CNBC.

In another photo posted to Facebook on May 2 by Roberts, Trump Jr. is seen with Roberts and a group of men at a hunting retreat in Tennessee.

Rob Roberts’ custom gun company shows the American flag and a thin blue line flag on its website, and says “We proudly support our military personnel and law enforcement officers.”

Meanwhile, Hunter initially denied ever knowing Lunden Roberts, until she proved he was the father of their daughter with a DNA test.

Joe Biden attacked @pdoocy when he asked him about the child, saying “only you would ask a question like that. Classy.”

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  1. Hunter Biden and family are white trash . who knows how many children he fathered. Its better she never meets Hunter! She better off with her loving family anyway . Big plus is she will never be around pedophileJoe Biden.

  2. Whoever denies their flesh & blood is worthless. The greatest gift in the world is a precious baby. Hunter is garbage. He looks bad, loosing hair & the drugs aged him by atleast 15 yrs. The child is better off not ever meeting that family. What seems bizarre, is that Grandpa Joe isn’t interested either. Oddly strange a grandparent isn’t interested in his bloodline either. The Biden’s appear to be somebody they are not & Dr. Jill should know better how not having a father figure around affects children. Isn’t that the big push from Obama/Biden about black daddy’s being gone? No difference Black, White, Asian, Indian , Mexican or whoever you are, the child has the loss. Where does the Biden responsibility come in for fathering a child. He plants the seed & runs. Coward!!!!!

  3. Makes me wonder if he deals with his other 3 , someday sadly these kids will know what a pig thier ” donor” is as his family .

  4. I have always said that Hunter is after women to have sex and who knows how many kids he has and I wonder why his wife hasn’t divorce him oh I forgot it’s so much money that he has. And Biden does not want to admit that he has another grand child. Well Biden is protecting Hunter because Biden did the same thing with ugly Jill when he was married and then his wife got sick and later she died and afterwards he
    Married Jill. Biden and Hunter are sex maniacs and they can go to hell stupid assholes .


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