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The Biden administration has insisted that record-breaking gasoline prices are solely caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine. The claim is false and “laughable,” economists told the Daily Caller.

The White House often describes higher prices at the pump as “Putin’s price hike,” but prices were going up steadily after President Joe Biden took office. The price already increased by 55%, rising from a U.S. average of $2.11 when Biden took office to $3.51 the day before Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, according to Forbes.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The ‘Putin’s price hike’ is laughable – and you can tell because no matter how hard they try to advance this particular little bit of propaganda absolutely nobody but White House spokespeople use the word,” John Cochrane, a Hoover Institution senior fellow, told the Caller.

Ruger told the outlet: “Inflation is the problem. We have more money essentially chasing the same number of goods.”

Ruger also pointed to a lack of supply to meet increased demand after the COVID-19 pandemic as another major factor.

David Kreutzer, senior economist at the Institute for Energy Research, said Biden was waging an “all-fronts war on oil and gas.” Kreutzer said “virtually every step” the Biden administration took “was the opposite of what needed to be done.”

“At least early on in the price run-up, drilling activity was comparatively muted. Cancelled leases, cancelled pipelines, proposed regulations to penalize lenders that financed fossil-energy businesses all dampened production responses that would be putting oil and gas on the market today,” Kreutzer told the Caller.

The U.S hit another record high on Thursday with the national average for gas reaching $4.600 per gallon.

Breitbart reported:

The national gas price average reached $4.60 on Thursday, reflecting a nearly 47-cent increase in the last month. For greater perspective, the national gas price average stood at $3.035 one year ago.

Several states are experiencing prices higher than the national average. Those states include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and California, the last of which has the highest gas price average in the nation — $6.070.

Industry experts are only expecting the situation to worsen over the “cruel summer,” predicting average gas prices well over $6.00 per gallon.

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  1. Thats bidens agenda to break us then build it back better to what he and the left think is better. Its not going to work. There are idiots in government.

  2. Yep! Biden did this!!! First, he was INSTALLED as President, and now we have to bear the burden of his radical agenda in every area of our lives.

  3. That Bunghole Resident of the White House and his mentally deficient administration are killing our country and laughing about it! The far left liberal controlled media is following the lies. Why is this allowed? What can we do about it? At this point VOTE! All red blooded patriotic Americans need to get this lying lowlife Charlton and his minions out! His is a lying two faced career politician who has sold his soul to the left liberal anti American wanna be lowlife malcontents! If votes won’t cure this country of this scum scourge by God bullets will! God help us all!!!

  4. Here’s why it’s Putin’s fault that the gasoline prices are so high. Since Biden took office, all of his actions and policies have been guided by the Marxist Wing of his party. He then equates the Marxist Wing with Putin and there you have it! So, Putin, who’s mission is to destroy America, has been running our country through the cognitively impaired Biden!

  5. Joey, you’re the lowest of the low. And why in the HELL they wanted someone like YOU to scam our election I’ll never understand. Unless it was just because you were a sick individual & Obummer could use you for this rigged election. But it’s definitely NOT Putins fault not at all. It’s your stupidity & the one operating the teleprompter, it’s the REAL jackass. But I’ll be damned if I’ll ever claim a idiot as you for my President. President Trump is the REAL President & you can just kiss my ass for your ‘damage’ you have done to my country! All of you are going to bust HELL wide open & that’s where you ALL are going to when the time comes you pos liberals


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