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An elementary school in Illinois advertised an after-school Satan club hosted by the Satanic Temple for students in first through fifth grade, drawing the ire of parents.

Children at Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline, Illinois, are invited to attend an “after-school Satan club” on five different dates throughout the spring semester, according to a flyer advertising the club that was posted online.

The article goes on to state the following:

FOX 2 reported the flyer drew the ire of parents, one of whom posted a picture of the flyer on social media, saying, “How is this even a thing?” The parent added: “I just know they’re about to catch hell because I would be going tf off.”

A Moline-Coal Valley School District spokesperson said religious groups, regardless of denomination, are able to “rent our facilities for a fee.”

“Please note that the district must provide equal access to all groups and that students need parental permission to attend any after-school event. Our focus remains on student safety and student achievement,” the spokesperson said.

“Flyers and promotional materials for these types of groups are approved for lobby posting or display only, and not for mass distribution,” the school also stated.

Libs of TikTok shared a copy of the flyer on Wednesday:

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  1. Praying more of these sickos are exposed. These people are trying to destroy families by exposing our children to their sick beliefs. Lord please give us the strength needed to protect our children from these evil people, in Jesus name. Amen

  2. This is the most sicko thing I’ve heard yet. The idiot responsible should be beaten to a pulp. Time for violence. Baseball bats anyone? F your satan Club.

  3. Each day the evil gets bigger and wider in America No wonder Illinois is a crappy state. With people running their schools like this. And look at who they elect
    If parents don’t stand up and fight As well as every American We will Stand And Give And answer To the Lord God of Heaven as to why we let this satanic regime sit in our chambers as well as ruining our children And why we allowed 69 million American babies to be slaughter for Its my body my choice. When all they had to do was take a pill or say no Knowing they were going to lay down and continue in their immoral filth

  4. Let them have it and make sure notes are taken of attendees. As a community have a deep hole dug where you place these people so that they can get closer to Satan.

  5. This brand of satanism is what is ruling our nation. From the Democrat party, its news media, tech social media…they follow a non theist orientation of self indulgence and solipsism. I would not let my kids attend but frankly all our kids are ruled by Satanism via our current government.

  6. Well shoot…I find myself in a tough situation here…and even though there will be some or many that don’t like what I have to say…I feel the need to say it anyway…and just know that this is coming for a God fearing, God loving, die hard Christian…first off this is NOT a school sponsored event…it is an after school event and it does require parental approval and does fall under the freedom of religion amendment. Would u be saying the same thing if this was a Christian event? As a believer in the constitution we have to give the same rights to all religions including Satanism no matter how abhorrent we feel it is…maybe instead of griping about it on a forum we should have a Christian attend the event and try to steer them in the right direction…to live God and not Satan

  7. You’re right this is an afterschool event. And it will go forward. The responsibility now lies with the parents and grandparents. A child in kindergarten through fifth grade should not be left on their own after school.Our children should be guarded more than gold. Parents must guard their children, where they go and who they hang around. Find out who’s in charge of the satanic club.Make it your business to protect your child and everybody else is as well. I am in agreement with you keep God out of our schools and welcomed Satan in. How has this worked for the nation? It’s going to take the hand of God to turn it around. When people are not getting what they need they will turn to what ever meets that need. Are young people do not have parents at home that are actually parenting them, they do not feel loved or excepted so they turned to gangs and groups such as this for their identity

  8. Hmmm Republican party you think it might be time for tax dollars follow the student law. We all know the Demorats support satanic behavior.

  9. This is all part of a master plan that has been in the works for decades. Suggest you go to RUMBLE and type in Illuminate whistle blower part I and other sections. Seems to be part of this whole plan to remove God from our world and promote the dark side.


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