REPORT: Elon Musk trolls Democrat leader with classic quote

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Elon Musk wasn’t shy to use Twitter on Thursday to employ a double entendre made famous by Michael Scott, the main character of the beloved sitcom “The Office.” Musk’s wordplay came in response to the top House Democrat taking an apparent swipe at Republicans.

“House Dems are fighting hard for the American people,” tweeted House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y. “Right-wing extremists are fighting each other.”

Musk, the owner and CEO of Twitter, had some fun with his response.

Musk wrote the following reply to Jeffries: “That’s what she said.”

Musk has been on a continuous streak of trolling and roasting Democrats on Twitter since buying the social media giant. He responded to a tweet by President Biden earlier Thursday.

In Biden’s tweet, the president writes:

“In my first year in office, we protected more lands and waters than any president since John F. Kennedy. We’ve also made the largest investment to fight climate change – ever. Today, we’re building on that momentum by protecting additional natural wonders.”

Musk promptly responded: “Umm … the banks are melting.”

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