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A new prototype robot uses Wi-Fi signals to improve its ability to navigate indoors.

The prototype, built by researchers from the University of California, incorporated Wi-Fi with cameras in an attempt to improve the robot’s ability to see. This fix would allow the robot to counter the shortfalls of most robots’ camera lenses and light detection and ranging sensors, or LiDARs. These tools are often limited by low-light environments due to them making distance determinations extremely difficult.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We are surrounded by wireless signals almost everywhere we go,” said project leader Professor Dinesh Bharadia, according to Science Daily. “The beauty of this work is that we can use these everyday signals to do indoor localization and mapping with robots.”

“Using Wi-Fi, we have built a new kind of sensing modality that fills in the gaps left behind by today’s light-based sensors, and it can enable robots to navigate in scenarios where they currently cannot,” said study author Aditya Arun.

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