REPORT: European country angered at influx of Californians who import their problems with them

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California residents are fleeing to the country of Portugal and in many cases bringing problems that have made life more difficult for natives, according to the Los Angeles Times report.

A story titled “Welcome to Portugal, the new expat haven. Californians, please go home,” reports that the number of Americans living in Portugal has risen by 45% in the past year with many of those Americans moving from California in order to escape high housing costs, pandemic lockdowns, and “Trumpian politics” in the United States.

The article goes on to state the following:

The article explains that “resentment of newcomers is growing” in Portugal as California expats have become the “root of questions over gentrification, income disparities and immigration.”

In their report, the Los Angeles Times wrote:

In the last decade, the overall population in Portugal has declined even as the number of foreigners has grown by 40%. The ranks of American citizens living in this land of 10 million shot up by 45% last year. Within the mix of retirees, digital nomads and young families fed up with issues including the costs of housing and healthcare, Trumpian politics and pandemic policies, Californians are making themselves known in a country once considered the forgotten sibling of Spain.

“But resentment of newcomers is growing. Angelenos can’t always escape — and sometimes are at the root of — questions over gentrification, income disparities and immigration,” the report states, adding, “On the streets, Portuguese activists have protested against evictions and skyrocketing rents caused in part by foreigners with banks that count in dollars and pounds.”

One local resident was quoted as saying, “There’s no doubt that the foreign investment has greatly helped Portugal’s economy and made the cities more beautiful… But this process has also hurt the long-term residents who don’t recognize parts of their communities anymore or can’t afford to live in them.”

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  1. Excuse me Obiden and Newsome policies is what they are running from. Our selected leader has made everything go up dimwit

  2. I deployed there for a month years ago. It was such a wonderful city. Now liberals are destroying it. Everything they touch is destroyed.

  3. They’ll probably get ALOT farther solving this infestation for themselves while we remain SOL as it worsens here .

  4. A lot of Portuguese settled in California, so it’s only fair.

    I hope these rainbow haired people stay there. I don’t want them back.

    I’m a refugee from CA myself. Glad to retire now in PA. It’s a good place to hang up my spurs after a lifetime of public service and being combat wounded.

    An a-hole once said “Pennsylvanians cling to their guns and their Bibles.” Yes, I suppose so. And that makes them my kind of people!


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