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Ex-officers up to 70 years of age are being pulled out of retirement in Upper-Austria to help enforce national lockdown rules in the province.

Previously retired officers up to 70 years of age have been asked to return to active service in order to help enforce lockdown rules in the province.

The article goes on to state the following:

The state police department — under the instruction of Governor Thomas Stelzer — wrote to around 700 officers late last year to request they return to active duty.

Stelzer’s office said, “We have received feedback from 37 police officers who have been contacted, and they are now receiving their documents. Nobody has signed it yet, and admissions interviews have to be held.”

Below is a video posted to social media over recent weeks, allegedly of the Austrian police enforcing Covid rules:

Austrians are fighting back against the strict Covid mandates:

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  1. Well, let us see if the Austrians learned their lesson from WW2. That time they genuflected to the Nazi 3rd Reich to fill the ranks of the SS, hunting down and rounding up Jews.

    Now it is happening again but in a slightly different format. At the endnof WW2, Austrian Nazis faced the courts and plead ignorance they were just following orders. That didn’t fly and many ended up in front of a firing swuad or hangman’s noose.

    Retired Austrian cops, dont forget the past. Enjoy your retirment and leave your people alone. If not, i hope you all face a tribunal one day.

    • You misread the article.
      There is an Australia and an Austria.
      This article is speaking of the later!
      But both have nut cases, as well as our own United States.
      This is the development of the New One World Order!
      They will put out “feelers” to see how many citizens are willing to overthrow their own citizens and by FORCE, before bringing in the Armed Forces!
      Lock and Load!

  2. Austria, Germany, Australia, France, Italy and UK are basically returning back in time to 1938 using Hitler Gestapo tactics. Looks like WW3 is going to be the people v. overreaching globalist governments. There is not another more important time than now to arm yourself and stockpile ammo, hate to say it but the only reason we haven’t followed these countries is because of our constitution and the 2nd amendment. Our ability to own guns and the government’s inability to take them away is the threshold that keeps them at bay.


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