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The U.S. Bureau of Prisons has fast-tracked ‘gender confirmation surgeries’ for a transgeder ex-neo-Nazi serving life in prison for two violent robberies after she filed a lawsuit against them for delaying her request.

Donna Langan, born Peter, 63, was part of the Aryan Republican Army (ARA), a neo-Nazi group, and was convicted in 1997 to life in prison with an additional 35 years for two bank robberies where she used firearms and explosives, Fox News reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

Langan, who identifies as female, spent two decades in a male prison before being transferred to the Carswell Federal Medical Center women’s prison, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Langan sued the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in September 2021, claiming to be experiencing “debilitating anguish as a result of severe and inadequately treated gender dysphoria.”

In the complaint, Langan claims to have known by age 4 that “she had been misidentified as a boy” and that “her entire life has been shaped by the agonizing tension between the immutability of her gender identity and the often life-or-death danger of publicly living her truth.”

The BOP has now greenlighted the request, saying in a statement on Friday, “Plaintiffs concur that the actions of the government appear to show that the surgery is on track, and will not be postponed excessively, or artificially delayed. In light of the steps [BOP has] taken towards providing surgeries to Plaintiff, the parties believe there is a possibility that all claims in this case might be resolved without the need for further litigation.”

Langan was moved to the women’s prison in 2017, and claimed at the time, “My bodily rights are being violated by the Defendants housing men in the prison I am being humiliated and degraded every day so that men that identify as women can be comfortable.”

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  1. Many people would like to have elective surgery for different things they are not happy with but most insurance won’t cover it. Why should tax payer dollars go to pay for a transgender surgery. He/she doesn’t have to have it. Nothing their is life threatening. He has lived with it for 63 years what will make his life different he is in prison.

  2. No way not with my tax $$$ your not… let him suffer and die as the cowardly man he is. I bet he is hoping if he gets the surgery he will go to a womans prison.

  3. He is already in a woman’s prison. This is horse shit. How come we have to pay for others mental illness???? This is infuriating. I’m sick of this crap!!


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