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It may be the Omicron variant — not any particular government policy or public health strategy — that ultimately “shuts down” the COVID-19 pandemic, according to experts.

There’s ample evidence that Omicron is a milder strain of COVID-19 than previous versions, such as Delta. Several doctors and health experts who spoke with the Daily Caller said that a more infectious, less deadly form of COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout the population could ultimately result in a post-pandemic state of widespread natural immunity.

The article goes on to state the following:

Researchers have found that Omicron is far less likely to put someone in the hospital or be fatal than earlier strains of COVID-19. It’s also highly contagious, leading to skyrocketing record case numbers in the U.S. and elsewhere. In addition to almost two-thirds of Americans who are fully vaccinated, any individual who has survived a bout with COVID-19 has been conferred some level of natural immunity that will lessen their chance of reinfection or serious illness in the future.

The experts reason that, because Omicron is so extremely contagious, everyone is likely to catch it at some point, which means nearly everyone will gain natural immunity.

“Whether you’re vaccinated or not, even if you’re vaccinated, you will eventually get COVID,” said Dr. Martin Kulldorff, an epidemiologist and former professor at the Harvard School of Medicine.

Dr. Cody Meissner, a professor of pediatrics and infectious disease expert at Tufts University School of Medicine, said, “I think we can eliminate severe disease, but it’s like the common cold. It’s gonna be another one of the common colds. There are four seasonal coronaviruses that we’ve known about for years, and I think this is gonna become the fifth seasonal coronavirus.”

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  1. And yet biden,fauci and rest of the socialist in charge continue to push the jab…so now who isn’t listening to science

  2. If true the govt has still learned that they can control the weak-minded public with virus scares. And a great excuse to insist on vote fraud for the Dems, er mail-in voting.

  3. So why the mandates and vax passports and this new religious exemption list of people who didn’t get the jab? When will fraudulent fauci quit the BS?

  4. Control. It’s all about how many people they can control. Don’t submit to them and they will fail. They are panicking now and desperation is taking place. Register to vote ( not blue hopefully) change our country back to where it was and better . RED WAVE !

  5. They (Biden admin )haven’t followed the science from the beginning ! I say shame on ALL doctors AND nurses who just went along with it! Being an RN myself , it’s unbearable to see the medical community just forget what they learned in school and go along what these moronic liars are spoon feeding them! Starting with mask wearing!!! YOUR CUTE LITTLE HOMEMADE DAISY MASKS DONT WORK! Never have ,never will!

  6. Science has always known this is what would eventually happen. But they wouldn’t allow experts to talk about this and shut down these facts so they could push the fear narrative and get people to think big Pharma and whatever the govt. wants them to do, will always protect them. CONTROL.

  7. It’ll burn itself out just like the flu does every year! The “experts” have known that the virus no matter the strain would burn out.

  8. I have not submitted to the “COVID GAMES” since the first day. No mask, no jab etc. Traveled up and down whole east coast about 8 times past year and a half. Came in contact with thousands, didn’t fall for it then,not falling for it now..4 out of 10 Illegals refuse the jab and walk away,meanwhile,Americans are getting fired for refusing,what’s wrong with this picture? A virus so deadly blue run states and communities have to give incentives to get the jab (cash & perks).wake up America, dems are stealing your life….

  9. Oh, NOW they want to admit that Covid, like the flu, just has to run its course & that herd immunity is how we deal with it!! Like I said in my Rumble video, “I TOLD YOU SO!!”


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