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Piers Morgan went after British celebrities for complaining about Conservatives’ and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s landslide victory in British elections.

“Like the Democrats when Hillary [Clinton] ran, Remainers enlisted the very vocal support of Hollywood luvvies to fight their cause. Hollywood actors Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan led the way,” the host of Good Morning Britain said in a Friday column for the Daily Mail. “Grant, who seemed to forget that playing a fictitious Prime Minister in Love Actually is not a qualification to be a real politician, spent weeks marching around ordering people not to vote for Johnson or the Conservatives because they had the audacity to want to act on the democratic will of the people.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“Like the Trump-hating liberal celebrities who so raucously endorsed Hillary, [Grant] was hit by a sudden thunderbolt of reality that his views are not shared by most actual real people,” Morgan added.

In his op-ed, Morgan used Johnson’s victory as a prediction for what’s to come in the United States. He wrote:

Because make no mistake, the lessons from this election carry extraordinary pertinence for next year’s US election. Like Donald Trump and his ‘Make America Great Again’ mantra in 2016, Boris Johnson won with one very simple message that he rammed home every minute of every day of the six-week campaign.

Morgan noted that Johnson ran on the platform of getting BREXIT done, which was approved by a 52 percent majority, but has been heavily protested by the losers. Again, he compared it to the situation in the United States:

Rather like Democrats after Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, they wouldn’t accept the result and have spent the past three-and-a-half years screaming their heads off about how unfair it all is – and demanding another vote.

Morgan tore into celebrities who have led the charge to protest BREXIT, especially actor Hugh Grant.  Again, he compared the British scene to the United States, and blasted Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

But as with Ocasio-Cortez and her outlandish promises like free tuition, healthcare and a green new deal, he planned to pay for it all by punitively taxing the rich and middle class in a way that many economists feared would bankrupt the country.

Britons firmly rejected that hard-left agenda in this election, and this should also send a very firm message to Democrats as they choose their nominee to take on President Trump in 2020.

As I’ve been warning for months, there’s not a cat-in-hell’s chance of a socialist candidate beating Trump next November, especially not with the US economy doing so well.

After Boris Johnson won, actor Hugh Grant tweeted in despair, “There goes the neighborhood.”

Morgan pounced, tweeting in response, “No, there goes your credibility. The British people listened to your democracy-wrecking garbage & told you to f*ck off.”

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