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Facebook maintains a whitelist of elite users that are subject to less stringent rules than others using the platform, according to leaked materials provided to the Wall Street Journal.

Despite the company claiming in public that its rules apply equally to all users, the Journal reports that a set of privileged users including journalists, politicians, and celebrities are allowed to post rule-violating material “pending Facebook employee reviews that never come,” while others are “whitelisted” — immune from Facebook enforcement actions altogether.

The article goes on to state the following:

The program is reportedly known internally as Crosscheck, or “XCheck.” According to the documents obtained by the Journal, it includes at least 5.8 million users, including “most government officials” — but, frequently, not the challengers to their incumbent status.

According to the report from the WSJ, “While the program included most government officials, it didn’t include all candidates for public office, at times effectively granting incumbents in elections an advantage over challengers. The discrepancy was most prevalent in state and local races, the documents show, and employees worried Facebook could be subject to accusations of favoritism.”

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