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The family of a 3-year-old girl abused to death by her foster parents is grateful after a Greenville, South Carolina, jury found suspect Ariel Robinson, a former contestant on Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America,” guilty of homicide by child abuse.

Judge Letitia Verdin sentenced Robinson to life in prison for the January 2021 death of Victoria “Tori” Rose Smith following the jury’s verdict after a four-day-long trial.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It is a huge sense of relief that Victoria did get justice in the end. Obviously, we’re still devastated that she’s gone, but we are very grateful that the police and the prosecution and the judge…did such a wonderful job, and they did such a wonderful job that the jury could plainly see that she had committed this crime, and she’s going to serve her life sentence for it,” Michelle Wooten Urps, Smith’s great aunt, told Fox News Digital of her family’s reaction to the verdict.

In regard to Robinson’s statements on the witness stand, Michelle Wooten Urps, Smith’s great aunt, said, “Her testimony honestly left me with a lot of confusion, she was obviously trying to deflect the blame. … She never actually placed the blame on anyone. She said it without saying it.”

Robinson testified during the trial that Smith’s brother, who was only 7 at the time, would get angry with his sister and may have contributed to her death. However, the evidence presented in court proved otherwise.

Following a four day trial, the jury took just about an hour and a half before reaching a verdict. Robinson was sentenced to life in prison.

Christy Kednocker Sustakovitch, assistant solicitor for the Greenville County Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, said, “This jury had to see and hear things that were truly horrific. We are very thankful for the verdict in this tragic case.”

“There are no winners in a case like this one. We can’t bring Tori back but she will always live on in our memories. I’ve learned in these cases, the best you can hope for is justice and the jury brought exactly that. May sweet Victoria Rose Smith rest in eternal peace forever,” Sustakovitch added.

Watch the sentencing in the video below:

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  1. She deserves the death penalty, and why did they place this poor child with that monster. The Foster care system needs fixing !

    • Would not surprise me if it was some koom-by-ah type proving that whites and blacks can live together with no regard for color. I suspect she fostered the girl to get the monthly support $$. They should have given her something more like herself, say a baboon.

  2. Good Lord , what a beautuful.little Angel , the ” fallen” Angel will be waiting for those filthy monsters. God bless Victoria and her shattered family., may He give them.comfort and strength .

  3. This is my hometown. According to local news reports, the husband was outside and heard the awful beating she gave this little girl and did nothing to stop it. She beat this child to death.

  4. What an ugly heifer. Her husband needs to be put away for not taking her to hospital and not doing anything when he heard everything. Judge should of gave her life without parole.

  5. Imagine a fugly white woman having killed a cute black 3 year old foster child. The Left would have a new outrage to shake at us for our racism etc etc. But race is never mentioned in this case. Why not? Because it was again, a black who killed a white.


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