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Newsmax, the conservative news outlet, said it plans to implement a coronavirus vaccine requirement for its employees.

According to Mediaite, which obtained a copy of an email sent to employees, Newsmax told personnel they have to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4 or subject themselves to weekly testing.

The article goes on to state the following:

The email noted that the company is implementing the mandate due to Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) rules, the outlet reported.

“To ensure that we are in compliance, we require that all vaccinated employees submit a copy of their vaccination card,” the news site said, according to

Newsmax, labeled “far-right” by some, may get pushback from employees and the hosts of its shows as many of those hosts have “decried the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate,” according to The Hill.

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  1. These so-called “vaccine mandates” are ILLEGAL, and dangerous violations of human rights to CHOOSE what is injected into their bodies. To coerce employees with threats of “regular, frequent testing” or other more draconian reactions as a punishment for “non-compliance” is a violation of Constitutional RIGHTS, and a completely unfounded (scientifically) and unwarranted action. These mandates are unsustainable, and the companies instituting these “mandates” should be held liable for damages if drug issuance results in side effects and or loss of employment within 5 years of actual “compliance” by an employee!

    • Maybe not now, I think they just passed the infrastructure bill which may have had the mandate in it. Our government has become Tyrinical.

    • I totally agree, any company enforcing this mandate should be held liable for any and all adverse reactions! The vaccine hasn’t been around long enough to know possible future reactions, i.e. cancer, infertility, paralysis, blood disorders, who knows, but I’m not taking that chance. It’s just tyrannical for Biden and the Dems to force this on people.

  2. Why has Newsmax promoted conservatives when top ‘dog’ has donated huge amounts of $$$ to the Clintons & other Dems.? For the #’s?

    • DML also worked at Newsmax for awhile having had a TV show there. Obviously your reading comprehension isn’t good because you should have noticed that the article was from the Hill not DML. DML is just reporting what the Hill has reported.

      • Yes, exactly! He has warned us multiple time that News Max is not what they portray to be. I guess people just don’t pay attention.

  3. Don’t be a SLAVE!!!
    I will not have my government tell me what I will do with my health, my body and my God given rights!!!
    I was born free and I will die free!!!
    Where is the United States Supreme Court?
    Why are they silent on this issue?

  4. Newsmax is mandating the vaccine because of the fines they face from the federal government if they don’t follow the rules. This will happen to all companies that have 100 plus employees.
    It’s ridiculous that we have corrupt evil people in our country trying to destroy our values and way of life. Stay strong Americans and keep fighting. God Bless America 🇺🇸

  5. What does OSHA have to do with personal health choices?
    How does OSHA have the right to enforce a non written law?
    There is no written law stating that a person must be vaccinated!!!
    If this is a public health issue, then why are they letting so many unvaccinated illegal immigrants into the United States through the southern border?

  6. As the demoncrats know, their fines will drive companies out of business.

    They’re allowing people to be routinely get tested in lieu of only forcing the jab.

    It seems to me that they’ve found a line to walk that will allow them to stay in business and not force the jab.

    What do you people want? Do you want all of the conservative businesses to close down, leaving only dem-owned businesses? Think further ahead than that.

    So they announce they won’t comply. And they get fined every day. Then, eventually, they go out of business (which is what I think joejoe and his ilk want), and all of the employees no longer have jobs. Seriously, you want this outcome?

    Think, people, think!

  7. I will no longer listen to or read anything NewsMax produces. If they are truly conservative, they would stand their ground. Hypocrites

  8. Y body my choice for an abortion but not for forced rape by injection? Check the definition of rape in your state…penetration of any more. Wonder how accurate they are with their injections? Look for Dr. Shiva’s complaint of rape via the injection. It’s on his website

  9. Bullshit, it is NOT a law! It’s an executive order, it has NO standing! They are not a true conservative network if they do NOT fight for their employees!

  10. A Federal Judge has put a temporary hold on vaccine mandates in one part of the country if you claim religious exemption.
    As this report is from the hill who knows what the truth is?
    I Personally stopped watching NewsMax after one of their reporters denounced election fraud. Others need to do the same.


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