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The Food and Drug Administration is expected to announce that Juul electronic cigarette products can no longer be sold in the United States as soon as Wednesday.

The decision to pull Juul products comes after a two-year review of the company’s application to keep its tobacco- and menthol-flavored products in the U.S. market, the Wall Street Journal reported. The company has been charged with conducting years of predatory marketing tactics that enticed children and teenagers and selling flavored nicotine products in fruity flavors that appealed to youth.

The article goes on to state the following:

The FDA’s campaign to police Juul e-cigarette products has been years in the making. The agency targeted the company for its role in perpetuating a new wave of teenage nicotine use, driven by appealing flavors. The FDA previously charged the company with advertising itself as a safer alternative to smoking combustible tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars, a designation the company was not approved to use.

The report states that according to the 2021 National Youth Tobacco Survey there are 2.55 million students in middle school and high school that use tobacco products which include e-cigarettes.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb tweeted Wednesday, “JUUL was fulcrum of the youth vaping crisis; it was driven by their product and marketing practices. FDA is right to be circumspect. Electronic devices offer opportunity for adult smokers to transition off combustible products but must be conceived, marketed by responsible actors.”

Director of consumer freedom, Guy Bentley wrote, “Biden’s FDA is now banning the most effective e-cigarette product ever invented; Juul. This is objectively a pro-smoking policy pushed by an administration that has a fetish for prohibition.”

Writer Tom Gara tweeted, “Wow, the FDA is about to close down Juul. In hindsight it probably was a mistake to build a multibillion dollar business selling candy flavored nicotine inhalers to teenagers and then selling that business to a tobacco company — it’s the classic thing that starts you off on the wrong foot with regulators.”

Journalist Ben Dreyfuss tweeted, “This is so stupid. The only good thing I have to report on my ‘personal goals’ checklist over the last few years is quit smoking and I simply never would have been able to do that without juul.”

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  1. My Body, My Choice! Isn’t what they scream all day. So why isn’t this My Body, My Choice. Same with vaccine. Biden and his hypocrites

  2. I would rather die at 80 from smoking than the shit the democrats condone.Legalized marijuana free crack pipes free needles.Open border bringing in fentanyl so 18 year olds can die with a needle in their arm


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