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Here’s the first look at Derek Chauvin behind bars since he was sentenced for murdering George Floyd, and he looks… well, sleepy with a measure of defiance.

TMZ’s obtained Chauvin’s first mug shot in prison… a place he’ll call home as he serves his 22.5-year sentence. He kept a stiff upper lip as he mugged for the camera in his orange standard issue. He also looks like he’s struggling to keep his eyes open… he looks out of it.

The article goes on to state the following:

We’re told the Minnesota Department of Corrections snapped the new mug shot June 28… just 5 days after his sentencing.

Chauvin was found guilty for his role in the death of George Floyd and sentenced to 22 1/2 in prison.

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  1. Any non-Black police officers in the USA are out of their F’n minds to work in law enforcement. It just takes one piece of shit like George Floyd to act like an idiot and send you straight to prison for doing your job.

    Law enforcement is an ugly job and the justice system is no longer blind; it rewards criminals and locks up cops.

  2. Just to point more fingers at him and heckle him?? Justice was not served. He did not kill Floyd. George Floyd died of heart ischemia as he overdosed on the massive amount of Fentanyl and other drugs in his system. A person dying of that can become erratic and even violent; needs restraining. Chauvin got royally screwed just doing his job. Look out white men rough times are coming cause you are allegedly guilty of anything ‘they’ wanna pin on you. Why would he not look maudlin for a prison mug shot? He does not look sleepy, the camera just caught him with eyes half blinked. But if he was sleepy it’s because they put you on all kinds of drugs in prison whether you need them or not. Not a good place.

  3. Floyd a thug and criminal,, Chauvin a dumbass and from his record a bully!! Both guilty of something , one dead one may as well be

  4. Don’t condone what Chauvin completely did to that POS Floyd but he deserved some punishment but ultimately he is a scapegoat for all the dumb ass politicians on the left….may they also get their due justice come judgement time if not sooner…..they deserve it…asswipes

  5. He did what cops do in restraining. It happens all the time. This time was convenient for the left. Stupid basturds

  6. he didn’t kill that scum floyd he just took the fall. his knee was on the shoulder not the neck. autopsy said drug and covid but something that to spark the riots it was a matter of time. everyone knew he would hang guilt or innocent. look at the pos out there now walking free for everything. wouldn’t get by if you were white. fueling the intended racial divide in the country just what the communists want and are getting. everyone should read american marxism by mark levine true to form🤬

  7. I have a different take, and it’s the basic of all common sense: Had Floyd done as he was told, he would be alive today, continuing to smoke crack and abusing fentanyl. But, he resisted, and at times, apparently violently, so Chauvin got out of hand, may have used a bit too much force and the end result of years long discussion about racism and police brutality. The truth is, no matter who is resisting on the other end, if you resist violently to a police officer you’re going to get a response you’re not going to like most of the times. Why hasn’t the media made more comments about that? Why hasn’t the media said folks, do not fight the police, it’s a bad idea, if you feel you’re being wronged take it up in court with your attorney, fighting the police now makes you guilty of battery on a police officer even if you were being wrongly accused. But the media and Sharpton and the rest of the political thugs don’t want you doing that….they want you to continue resisting authority so they can tear down and divide more. There is an agenda behind all of this and soon it will be become visible to all and the poor blacks and Latinos will realize that once again, they were being “used” by the dirty democrats to accomplish their deeds.


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