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This month, Kataluna Enriquez made history as the first ever transgender Miss USA contestant. But after being eliminated very early in the competition, Enriquez is saying that the pageant is still not ready for transgenders.

In a Wednesday interview with Yahoo Life, Enriquez, who entered the national pageant after winning her title of Miss Nevada, lamented being eliminated before the final 16 were even chosen during Monday’s Miss USA Pageant.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I’m a trans woman of color, a minority within a minority,” Enriquez, who is Filipino, said. “I’m everything that’s not represented in our country, and [ready] to create conversations around what it means to be an American.”

“It was an honor just to be able to represent my community and be an example for young queer children who now know they don’t need to be limited by society’s standards,” Enriquez added.

Enriquez won the Miss Nevada pageant in June:

But in the Miss USA contest in November, Enriquez, 28, was eliminated early.

“I worked so hard for it. I think they were just not ready,” the transgender contestant lamented.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Enriquez wrote:

Going into the competition, I was prepared to face issues and conflicts because of our political climate and divide. I went in with pre-judgement of beliefs and attitude according to your state and I am so thankful that I was wrong. To every women who approached me with welcomeness and those who took time to understand me, thank you.

Thank you for giving me a chance to show you, and show the world another side of the story that isn’t often told correctly. To every person who ever felt invisible or denied the chance to be their best self, this is for you. I am a living breathing example of what was impossible. Do not let expectations and socio standards stop you from living your truth and chasing your dreams. ✨

To all my sponsors and team, thank you for believing in me. I’ll share my full gratitude soon.
– Miss Nevada Usa, Kataluna.


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  1. Too bad, you didn’t qualify – because you’re fake – all plastic add-ons. Stop complaining you’re not a woman

  2. Because you are NOT a FEMALE THAT alone should have disqualified you . YOU worked HARD ?? You completely undermined the rest of the competitors ACTUAL HARD work competing legitimately as FEMALES in a FEMALE competition !! SHAME on you and those who ALLOWED this travesty glad you were eliminated..Go do a trans USA and leave others the HELL alone .

  3. She is pretty but to say the world isn’t ready is BS. She lost. Also- The transgenders should have their own competitions and just keep the sexes separated. All three sexes. The
    Natural and the science or whatever ones. It’s so confusing and insulting. Rap on competitive sports- not fair.

  4. She was expecting to win just because she’s trans and therefore above everyone else. Now that she’s been eliminated she’s crying and what she’s saying is veiled “they’re trans phones and that’s why I lost”!

  5. Worked hard for this? Those other girls probably worked hard their entire lives since they were little “girls.” How do you expect judges to judge between oranges and apples? It would’ve been a travesty if he/she would have won. It would’ve been totally political. Just like the boys competing in girls sports.

  6. Just looking at her walk, it’s not natural and forced. Her male pelvis just doesn’t move in a natural female way. Keep practicing.

  7. You shouldn’t be able to win based simply on the fact you are a man competeing in a woman’s pageant. And you are not a woman….MAN!

  8. This is not fair to women … trans should have their own pageant and stop ruining it for women. They try to make people feel guilty for not picking a man in a womans contest.

  9. YOU
    You never were one. You never will be. Get that irrefutable fact through your thick skull!
    What these transgender people need is mental health treatment, NOT coddling by a bunch of leftist morons who think you are a woman because you ‘feel like a woman!’

  10. Oh boo who. . STFU. You should have never been there in the first place. It is called you were not qualified to move up..that is why you were eliminated!

  11. Didn’t belong there in the first place! No matter how “pretty” you make yourself, you will NEVER be a women!!
    You’re a dude and a fraud !

  12. So… in rural communities at state fair’s they have judges that inspect livestock and vegetables to arrive at the best in class. I have never seen a pumpkin win for best apple or a bull win for best chicken.

    Do you see my point ?

  13. You are a man trying to win a woman’s beauty pageant you don’t have a chance!!! Go try to win a transgender beauty pageant. The odds maybe better


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