REPORT: Flesh-rotting ‘tranq’ drug spreads to 48 states, cut with fentanyl: urgent DEA alert

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The US Drug Enforcement Administration has issued an urgent public safety alert regarding the animal tranquilizer xylazine — warning it is now being used as a cheap cutting agent for fentanyl in 48 states.

The medication — known on the street as “tranq,” “tranq dope” and “zombie drug” — is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for veterinary use. However, it is not safe for human use as it causes flesh-rotting sores and respiratory depression.

Often cut with heroin, dealers are now mixing it with fentanyl as an inexpensive way to make highs last longer amid the “disgraceful” opioid epidemic killing up to 300 Americans per day.

Anne Milgram, a DEA Administrator said the following in her “widespread threat” alert.

“Xylazine is making the deadliest drug threat our country has ever faced, fentanyl, even deadlier… DEA has seized xylazine and fentanyl mixtures in 48 of 50 states.”

Xylazine’s spread has been rapid and extreme and those who overdose on xylazine do not respond Narcan, which is the most common overdose-reversal treatment, according to an FDA warning.

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  1. Nothing to see here biden killing millions with open borders and liberals still thinks he great !!! Our country is domed

  2. This is criminal. The elected in office need to be given the death penalty for allowing this pandemic to hit almost every state in the us. While the fake news says nothing but everything is fine. This makes my blood boil and makes me sad at the same time. Fighting this is worth being canceled or silenced for letting people know what is going on.

  3. So this drug is one that puts animals to sleep? Can’t the FDA make the manufacturer stop producing this right now? Get it all out of circulation?

    • May have some control in the US but not any that is made overseas. And that has and will make its way here over the porous border along with the other 💩 . Stopping any manufacture here will not fix the problem.

  4. Stop the drug trafficking. Close the border. Enforce all our borders,
    Including by air and at our ports. Enforce them 24/7/365.

    That’s what we pay taxes for!!!

  5. Biden doesn’t care about anything but saving us from gun violence – not the thousands of times worse problem of fentanyl and now this…

  6. What kind of President allows this to come into their country & not stop it? Joe Biden is no better than Hitler! He’s allowing our kids to die from it, mutilate their bodies & death to babies by abortion. Mexico President said we are in decay & Biden needs to fix it. Can we agree this is his fault? We need to put demands on the issue before we are all dead!


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