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A Florida homeowner is facing daily fines after hanging massive political banners supporting former President Trump from his home, including one reading, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“I’m here on the beach, and I got a lot of traffic, and people needed to see what I believe in,” homeowner Marvin Peavy, of Seagrove Beach, told WMBB. “That’s free speech, and I wanted everyone to know that I’m a Republican and I’m supporting Donald Trump.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The flags are almost three stories tall and have red backgrounds with white lettering. One reads, “Trump Won,” and the other says, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Peavy is being fined $50 a day for the banners, which allegedly violate South Walton community code.  However, he says he has no intention of taking the banners down, and has vowed to sue the county for violating his free speech rights.

Peavy told the Northwest Florida Daily News, “Fifty dollars a day ain’t a damn thing to me. … I’m not going to take it down.  I’ve already had people call me and tell me they’d pay the $50 fines.”

Offers have reportedly come in from all over the country to help pay the fines, and one woman in Louisiana even offered to pay the fines for the next two years.

According to Raw Story: “Peavy donated more than $9,000 to Trump and other Republican causes in 2020, and he’s now reportedly working to help elect Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker.”

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  1. Sue the city which is fining him – it’s a freedom of speech issue. Can you imagine if someone posted anti Trump signs that they’d have ever been fined or told to remove them – certainly not without a huge uproar by the Left and MSM about ‘censorship’ and ‘freedom of speech’. The ACLU would also have gotten involved. Hypocrites both.

  2. Great for him and its heartwarming that others support and agree with him. Illegal ? Rawstory ?.But giving illegal.alien criminals 450k EACH for breaking OUR LAWS is ok but this mans signs and FREE SPEACH are NOT . Go to HELL

    Trump won / lets go brandon !!!

  3. I can hang anything I want on my home r property I pay taxes on the sob it’s mine and u Nazi’s wanna come and try to take it down,u better have your life right because it’s definitely not going to end well.its time to stand up to tyranny.🇺🇸👂

  4. What code is he violating?? Bet its some made up BS restrictions code.. Kinda like flying the Stars n Stripes in some areas… Fukem bro.. Go bigger!!!. F..k Joe Biden

  5. It must truly irritate the f**k out of the Cancel Culture to realize they can only cancel their own party. Republicans & Conservatives don’t give a damn if they get cancelled. U ho Mr. Peavy & sue the crap out of those who want to silence your 1st Amendment rights.

  6. Then take the signs off of the buildings and concrete Walls for Banks and other companies .
    Americans had better grow a set
    👋Our motto should be
    “””””””””” hell no we won’t”””””””””
    We are the power not these jerks that think they can put us all into their gulags. Simply because they think we are less than human for being Americans of which they steal from

  7. An American Patriot! Where can I contribute? I would be honored to cover a week or two!

    I did the same thing in my neighborhood! HOA tried to threaten me. I responded with my attorney with a letter of intent to fight through the court system until the HOA ran out of money – and I have much more than they do! They backed off at overwhelming neighbors request!


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