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The parents of accused Highland Park, Illinois, shooter Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III were “a problem” and always the last to pick him up from his afterschool sports program, the suspect’s former coach told Fox News Digital.

“I remember the parents more than him because they were kind of a problem,” recalled Jeremy Cahnmann, who ran an afterschool sports program at Lincoln Elementary School. “There wasn’t a lot of love in that family.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The accused shooter, 21, is in police custody after allegedly gunning down revelers at the Highland Park July 4 parade, killing at least six people and injuring more than 36.

The former coach recalls that Crimo was around 9 or 10 when he and his younger brother participated in the football program. Cahmann said, “Every week, the Crimos were the last kids there, and we’d have to call their parents to pick them up,” referring to Crimo’s dad, Bob Crimo, 58, and his mom, Denise Pesina, 48.

He added, “The kid was really quiet, really soft-spoken, never made an issue.”

Cahnmann said that his mom was a mess. He said, “She got into it once with one of the heads of the program, she was yelling. It seemed like her kids were a nuisance to her.”

A neighbor also weighed in about the family commenting, “The signs were there for a long time. There were always police cars at the house. The parents were arguing, fighting all the time.”

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  1. When will people who know that there’s problems with kids & their family lives start to “See something, Say something”?? Or when will Social Media platforms come up with an algorithm to spot issues with kids making threats & having evil posts?? If they can attack Conservatives & Republicans for their different thoughts that Liberals don’t agree with, why don’t they create one for something as dangerous & deadly as this?? It’s absolutely reprehensible.

    • Or better yet, social media should only be allowed access when you are older like alcohol. It is just as mentally damaging as drugs and alcohol and giving kids a dangerous place to get ideas and voice ideas/desires. It has literally robbed children of childhoods and developmental tools children learn thru social interactions. It’s not guns. It’s the mental illness that comes with social media. Most kids have a strong family support system to help them navigate this dangerous territory, but others fall thru the cracks like this kid. It’s sad.

  2. Sorry but I don’t believe one word the “coach” said. He remembers one random unpopular kid from 13 years ago? I don’t think so

  3. Seem to recall they had a Deli Restaurant Business. So I think this is just a pike on by the media trying to blame parents. At 22 yrs old this young man has no excuses.

  4. I am so happy that they caught him. Now he needs to be put in the electric chair and or put him on a bed and give him the death injection. If he has lost his mind and then they will put him in prison and keep him alive that is all bull shit. He killed a lot if people and he was a criminal and just look at him, he looks like a criminal with all those tattoos and terrible face. Kill him in prison. And the police needs to check the pawn shop as why he sold the guns to him.

  5. Hundreds of kids and the coach remembers this one from a decade past? Either quite a lasting impression or bs. With all the censorship going on, you can’t tell me not a single complaint was brought over several platforms. He was known, but a liberal, obviously, and nothing was done. End of story. This has government wrongdoing written all over it. Just as the last shooting did.

  6. Are some of you people insane or just stupid.Of course the coach would remember a child that wasn’t picked up repeatedly.I’m sure he had a terrible childhood.I’m not making excuses for him but the parents are just as guilty as he is.We have the fake news lying about him being a Trump supporter.


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