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Model Veronika Didusenko traveled through war-torn Ukraine and four countries before arriving in Los Angeles, where she appeared at a press conference Tuesday alongside attorney Gloria Allred to speak about actions needed to help her homeland.

Allred and Didusenko highlighted the dangers Ukrainian women and children are facing as they flee Russia’s brutal attacks.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Right now, millions of Ukrainian children and their mothers are trembling at every sound in the subway stations and bomb shelters. Even more heartbreaking that women are giving birth in such conditions in these shelters,” she described during the press conference.

The report explains that Didusenko was crowned as Miss Ukraine in 2018, but the Miss World organization later stripped the title from her after they discovered that she was divorced and had a child.

Didusenko said Tuesday that she had fled from Ukraine to Switzerland, where she applied for a US visa for her 7-year-old son. However, his visa was denied, so she left him in Geneva in order to make the trip to the US.

She is pushing for the United States to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine to save them from the Russian invasion.

Allred is pushing for Joe Biden to implement Humanitarian Parole for Ukrainian refugees, which would allow refugees into the U.S. without a visa.

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  1. I agree we have no interest in ww3. by implementing a no fly zone or putting troops on the ground would put is in ww3. What Nato has done so far is good. 🙏 for Ukraine.

  2. What we do know and see on TV are war crimes being done many times daily by Putin,no question or investigation needed.He’s not only bombing innocent women and children,he bombed a Pre-School for what REASON?i THINK bLINKEN IS EVEN GETTING DISGUSTED NOW,AFTER HIS TRIP OVER THERE.
    Never Joe though bc they won’t let him watch it!! They tell him,including Jill,who wanted to be a FLOTUS so much,that she will parade her Dementia husband before the Public to make an A** out of himself..


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