REPORT: Former presidents coy on classified documents as senator suggests ‘they’re all sitting on stuff’

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The news that former Vice President Mike Pence had classified documents in his home, joining President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, has Capitol Hill wondering what a sweep of all living former presidents’ and vice presidents’ residences and offices would uncover.

The Washington Examiner has reached out to representatives for former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama about whether they have conducted searches for classified documents. All of former President Bill Clinton’s classified materials were properly turned over to the National Archives in accordance with the Presidential Records Act, Clinton’s office told the Washington Examiner.

An Obama spokesperson told Fox News, “We have nothing for you at this time.” Attorney General Merrick Garland has already appointed two separate special counsels to investigate the handling of classified materials by Biden and Trump.

Some lawmakers believe there are documents that can be found on close inspection of other former leaders..

“I’m guessing if you really did a deep dive, they’re all sitting on stuff they shouldn’t, would be my guess,” said Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), according to the Washington Examiner. “I mean, if you look at the most recents, I guess the only one that would need to be in that club now to be scoured would be Obama.”

“I would have thought … that anyone who served in any of these roles as president and vice president that are still living would say, ‘Go check your closets,'” Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) said.
and other senators pointed to the discrepancies in the way Congress and presidents view classified documents.

“I can hypothesize how this happened,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) told the Examiner. “I think it’s — the executive branch folks access these documents differently than members of Congress, who go into a SCIF and we can’t take our phones; we can’t take notes when we read them.”

“You know, there ought to be some systematic reckoning in the sense of reviewing how our top officials leave their offices,” suggested Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). “Clearly, there is some systematic confusion in how these documents are treated. We’re not allowed to take a single document out of the SCIF or even notes on the document. Obviously, the White House works in a different way.”

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton suggested even before documents were found with Pence that, “EVERY former president and vice president should be nervous about the new document rules created out of thin air by Biden gang to target Trump. Obama, Clinton, Carter, Bush, Quayle, Pence: call your lawyers!”

CNN delivered “the line of the week,” according to Marcus James Dixon, senior editor at Gold Derby.

“In light of the Trump/Biden/Pence document scandals,” he wrote adding a quote from the network: “We’re gonna run out of special counsels!”

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  1. Clinton’s sick drawer. And of course they all do. Bunch of corrupt hypocrites. This is exactly the same as trying to nail Trump for Russian collusion because EVERYONE else in the government actually is. Geez. Smh.

    • Another example of trying to nail Trump for Russian collusion when the accusers are doing the same is how trumpster divers accuse me of Trump Derangement Syndrome when, in fact, the Trump Derangement Syndrome is squarely in the camp of trumpster divers.
      You can see it daily on DML in the way they routinely make excuses for Trump and never find fault in him while correctly dismantling what liberals and communists are doing on the other side of the isle.
      If we are going to clean up politics, it starts first in our own backyard.
      . Trump Derangement Syndrome is the result of the failed American education system which will end with trumpster divers spinning the Republican Party out of control.

  2. One of two things will happen if Bush, Clinton, and Obama get caught too.
    It will explode into God only knows without indictments.
    It will die down as the Patriot Act did.

    • See everyone? Look at the of Ghost of Kohn. This is exactly the point I was making above. Always blame the other person. Never blame our MAGA God-Emperor.
      Blame the other party. MAGA fascists will save Republicans.
      You must have a mental illness for not supporting Trump.
      Liberals are trying to cancel conservatives. Kohn’s truths are hotter than a pyroclastic flow. Let’s cancel him. Think how much more safe everyone will be if DML got rid of him
      This is classic Trump Derangement Syndrome
      Trump Derangement syndrome
      Is an undemocratic and unAmerican international victim-based movement most active in the United States and Brazil, whose goal is to stage a coup d’etat or insurrection when candidates of their choosing loses a lawful, legal election.

  3. Trump, as a president, has a right to declassify any documents. So any he had are no longer classified. Now the VP’s on the other hand have some explaining to do. Or you could argue that it was planted. Why would anyone start looking for classified documents at pence or even bidens home? Biden perhaps because of hunter investigation? I bet he is being set up to get him removed, or forced not to run again. Pence? Seems like he’s a follow the rules guy to me. It all seems like a hoax to me

  4. Kohn the Con man, I have no problem with some things you wrote or with you expressing your beliefs. That’s what the first Amendment protects. . The fact is the term Trump Derangement Syndrome was a clearly defined term , about anti-Trump individuals, years before you tried to hijack its meaning to be against Trump supporters.

    Maybe if you didn’t try hijacking a term, people wouldn’t berate you. By the way when they do berate you, its not proof of anything other than their fed up with your verbal diarrhea.


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