REPORT: Former Trump Attorney: Special Counsel Crossed ‘Red Line’ at Grand Jury

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Timothy Parlatore, who until recently worked as a criminal defense attorney for former President Donald Trump, said Wednesday that the Special Counsel investigating Trump crossed a “red line” at the grand jury.

Parlatore, who was called to testify before a grand jury by Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team in Florida, told CBS News that prosecutors had asked him inappropriate questions that infringed on attorney-client privilege:

Parlatore told [Catherine] Herridge he was “stunned” during his testimony before a grand jury interview when he was asked by prosecutors about issues he said were protected by attorney-client privilege, which he believes was an improper line of questioning that he contends crossed a legal “red line.”

Two people familiar with the probe said that Trump’s legal team is frustrated with how Justice Department officials have handled attorney-client matters in recent months and raised the concerns to Justice Department officials and to Smith himself in a meeting on Monday at the Justice Department.

After his testimony, in a statement, he said it was “clear that the government was not acting appropriately and made several improper attempts to pierce privilege and, in my opinion, made several significant misstatements to the [grand] jury, which I believe constitutes prosecutorial misconduct.”

The report notes that attorney-client privilege, which prevents a lawyer from disclosing privileged communications without the client’s consent (in most situations), does not end after a lawyer no longer represents a client. Violating that privilege can be grounds for disbarment.

Parlatore reportedly left Trump’s legal team due to disagreements within the group.

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