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Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will no longer be cooperating with a committee investigating the events of Jan. 6, despite previous efforts to work with them.

Meadows and his attorney George Terwilliger plan to officially notify the committee Tuesday morning, after the senior Trump administration official could not come to terms with lawmakers on an arrangement to work with them.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We have made efforts over many weeks to reach an accommodation with the committee,” Meadows’s attorney George Terwilliger told Fox News.

The report explains that Meadows had planned to voluntarily appear before the committee to answer questions that were not protected by executive privilege. However, over the weekend, the committee made it clear they intended to dive into executive privilege matters as well, leading Meadows to pull back.

Meadows is scheduled to appear on the Hannity show Tuesday evening to discuss the matter.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon also refused to appear before the committee and was indicted for contempt of Congress.

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  1. Meadows finally woke up to fact that his former colleagues could not be trusted to seek the truth. It was simply a perjury trap.

  2. The whole lot of those on the Jan, 6 committee is nothing more than another witch hunt for Trump.
    Nancy boys the entire committee.
    They need to pay back all of the tax payers monies for this insane revolving door of treasonous activity from Pelosi and her group which includes Biden and Obama.

  3. This committee reminds me of Mccarthyism hearings to weed out communist. This is no longer about January 6, it’s about a top GOP smear. When are they going to call Pelosi and her staff to testify, she’s the one that refused additional security measure for DC police not just once but twice.

  4. Well dummy Even I know it’s a fishing expedition.
    What the check is not big enough. Stupid republicans always want to cross the isle when they do they get their careers fed with stolen money or destroyed after their usefulness is over I remember what Meadows did ! This man is no fried of if Trumps or Americans.
    Why do republicans apologize when they tell the truth or do the right thing.
    To me it looks like they are trying to get into the club for bucks


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