REPORT: Franklin Graham releases statements on state of the nation, FBI raid of Mar-a-Largo

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Evangelical leader Franklin Graham has expressed his dismay at the circumstances surrounding the FBI raid on the Mar-a-Largo home of former President Donald Trump, and issued a personal plea on social media for the release of all documents relating to the controversy.

Graham used a post on Facebook to set out his concerns while pleading for God’s intervention alongside prayers for a quick resolution to a matter he sees as poisonous to the national character.

The article goes on to state the following:

He finished the online plea with a simple exhortation: “We need God’s help, and we need to pray.”

Graham’s full post on Facebook reads as follows:

The swamp in Washington is getting bigger, and it will take God to drain it! Politics in this country has become so corrupt and partisan. Former President Trump has called for the immediate release of the unredacted federal warrant related to the FBI’s search of his Mar-a-Lago home. I agree, why not release it and let the American people decide? Then, if it reveals that former President Trump has done something wrong, he will have to answer for it.

On the other hand, if the Department of Justice has done something wrong, they will have to answer to the American people for it. Our country is in trouble. We need God’s help, and we need to pray.

Last week, Graham condemned the FBI raid of Trump’s home, releasing the following statement in response to a Fox News report on the matter.

He wrote:

Thirty years ago the FBI lost a lot of credibility over the unfortunate events that surrounded Ruby Ridge. Last night as we watched the events that unfolded at Mar-a-Lago, I couldn’t help but think that the FBI and DOJ are losing credibility and the trust of the American people again. I have no idea what was in former President Trump’s safe, but if the government thought there was something there that belonged to them, they certainly could have asked for it.

What is happening is that politics has entered into the FBI, the DOJ, and even the IRS. Should we be concerned that there are plans to supercharge the IRS and hire 87,000 new agents? Definitely. This is a step in weaponizing the IRS to act against people, organizations, and businesses who have a voice of dissent against government agendas. It is an issue of freedom—as Americans we are losing our freedoms. Our nation has become so corrupt politically and morally.

We need to repent and turn from our sins and call on the name of God, asking for His forgiveness. We need changes in leadership. We need men and women who respect Biblical principles and values to run for office at the local, state, and national level. Join me in praying for this country. Ultimately, our hope is not in politicians or leaders, but in Almighty God.

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  1. Amen Revrend Graham…. If they refuse to unseal the documents then it easily proves they are GUILTY , Trump said DO IT so obviously he once again did NOTHING wrong and has NOTHING to hide .

  2. The FBI had lost credibility, they aren’t losing it anymore they’ve lost it completely only the fringe elements of the left still trust them and that ship will sink fast.

  3. God bless Reverend Graham and his voice of reason, which is so needed in these ugly times for our country. Every word he said is spot on and we need god on our side against the Marxist filth corrupting our nation. Everyone pray because it helps. God is all powerful!

  4. Thank you Franklin for speaking out and I hope you continue. In these times of American peril it is vital for the clergy to stand up now. This isn’t just politics anymore. This is about saving our free country, good verses evil, right over wrong. This is about patriots who love this country. Yes, we all need to pray a lot and together.


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