REPORT: FTX seeking return of Sam Bankman-Fried’s political donations

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Bankman-Fried, the founder and former CEO of FTX, made upwards of $40 million in donations to mostly Democratic lawmakers and groups during the 2022 election cycle.

FTX wants that money back by Feb. 28, warning recipients that making a donation to a third-party charity “does not prevent the FTX Debtors from seeking recovery from the recipient or any subsequent transferee.”

Officials from the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said in December that they would set aside contributions from Bankman-Fried while awaiting guidance from the government on how to return the donations.

FTX wrote in a press release on Sunday, “To the extent such payments are not returned voluntarily, the FTX Debtors reserve the right to commence actions before the Bankruptcy Court to require the return of such payments, with interest accruing from the date any action is commenced.”

unusual whales tweeted Sunday, “BREAKING: FTX is sending letters to politicians who received donations from FTX to return the money they received. There was not a list of the politicians they gave money to, and the amounts. Until now.”

ALX wrote, “BREAKING: FTX is sending confidential messages to political figures, Political Action Funds, and other recipients of contributions requesting they return payments that were made by or at the direction of Sam Bankman-Fried and others, according to a press release.”

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  1. Chapter 7 and 11 Bankruptcy Laws requires that the recipients of the political donations or or anyone else who received money within 90 days prior to the notice of Filing with the court, return the funds immediately. The Courts Trustee should immediately seize these monies or sue Biden and his Democrat candidates individually.


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