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Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Wednesday to prioritize prosecuting those who commit violence on airplanes.

“Passengers who assault, intimidate or threaten violence against flight crews and flight attendants do more than harm those employees; they prevent the performance of critical duties that help ensure safe air travel,” said Garland. “Similarly, when passengers commit violent acts against other passengers in the close confines of a commercial aircraft, the conduct endangers everyone aboard.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“The Department of Justice is committed to using its resources to do its part to prevent violence, intimidation, threats of violence and other criminal behavior that endangers the safety of passengers, flight crews and flight attendants on commercial aircraft,” Garland added.

The order comes as Democrats have been pressuring the DOJ to crack down on unruly passengers throughout the pandemic.

Democrat lawmakers wrote in a letter to Garland on Tuesday that read, “We write today to express our concern regarding the disturbing instances of air and airport passenger rage. It is well documented that our nation has witnessed a sharp increase in air and airport confrontational behavior, particularly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to a dramatic increase in unruly and disruptive passenger behavior onboard aircraft toward crewmembers and toward passenger service agents at airports.”

“We thank the Department of Justice in advance for your consideration and we respectfully request that you immediately direct federal prosecutors to dedicate the resources necessary to onboard acts of violence,” the letter added.

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  1. When they make 2 yr. olds to wear a mask and they take it off so thus are kicked off their flights ,…’s uncalled for! They’re babies ,for crying out loud!


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