REPORT: Gavin Newsom agrees to first interview on conservative channel

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) will sit with Fox News host Sean Hannity for an interview that will air next week, the network said Thursday.

The interview, which will mark the Democrat’s first on the conservative cable news channel in more than a decade, will take place at the governor’s mansion in Sacramento on June 12, and “encompass topics such as immigration, current issues in California, the economy, the 2024 presidential election,” Fox News said.

Like many elected Democrats, Newsom has railed against Fox News for years, in one recent interview calling the channel’s popular prime-time lineup of opinion shows “a disgrace.”

“It’s a disgrace what they say, what these people say every single night,” Newsom said in January, referring to the network’s top hosts’ position on guns.

“There’s xenophobia, they’re racial priming, what they have done to perpetuate crime and violence in this country, by scapegoating, and by doing not a damn thing about gun safety, not a damn thing for decades.”

Newsom’s interview with Hannity will air during the host’s 9 p.m. nightly program.

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