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Artist Jeremie “Bacpac” Franko painted a George Floyd mural in Phoenix last year to “start a conversation” about the Minneapolis man’s death in police custody.

But after complaints from residents, and an act of vandalism earlier this year, Franko painted over her mural Friday, according to a report.

The article goes on to state the following:

The mural showed Floyd’s face on a $20 bill and included the title, “#the_price_of_black_lives.”

Several Phoenix residents had complained about the mural. Coronado resident Kelvin West said, “This is a mural designed by White people that celebrates White violence. It creates a space for Black people to continue to be traumatized.”

“The mural came out of nowhere,” West complained. “Not one Black person was involved in the making of this mural, putting it together or designing it. Oak Street is full of beautiful, well-thought-out murals but this mural is an absolute atrocious representation of White violence and an insult to Black excellence.”

Franko, the artist, said she wasn’t trying to stir up controversy, and finally, amid the criticism, she just painted over it on Friday.

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  1. So we desecrate memorials in honor of our history because they were white and yet we have this ugly mug of a criminal everywhere. I don’t blame people for complaining. But, the Biden administration is all about doing away with the white people past and present and stirring the pot maybe to get blacks, Asians, illegals to kill us all off. That is so the demwits/ communist party can lead the country for the rest of eternity

    • Did you read the article? Seems black people are not happy that a white person painted it! This is nuts! Not only that, but I’m sure Floyd’s victims aren’t thrilled to see the face that haunts their nightmares all over America.

  2. The country will not last long is my take once they get rid of all the whites and yes there is on war on whites going on and the corrupt politicians, corrupt media and big tech is pushing the agenda that was started under the current clowns partner, trump got in the way of their agenda and look what they have done to him

  3. Never should have been there. None of those murals should. What happened to GF was terrible, but he was no hero and should not be portrayed as a martyr.

  4. GF was a criminal. His past proved that. Why paint a mural of this thug? He didn’t deserve to die the way he did but that doesn’t justify a mural to ugly up the neighborhood. I’m telling you. He was butt ugly.

  5. Why aren’t “they” oissed off all the “big tech guys” are white?
    Why if they are so violated by whites doing something considered a “black thang” and misappropriating their culture are they so blind to the many areas they have infiltrated that were once totally white. Who got so many of our mainstream cultural aspects thriving if they want to get technical about it? Those who can do. Like Ben Carsons, Allen Wests, Tim Scotts, Denzel Washingtons, Michael Jordans, Tiger Woods, even Oprah Winfreys…others are not noticed but notable. Great Moms Dad’s Teachers Business Owners and workers. We don’t hear them complaining because they are busy living, working, raising families contributing to society…the American Dream. The lazy want it all for nuttin welfare gov handout banger schmucks are the moaners and whiners. BLM and Antifa see them as useful idiots for their political games. These are the days we’ve been warned of. Good is evil and evil is good. God give us strength while we wait.

  6. Seeing how many so called conservatives bought this crap maybe they need 100 foot tall statue of the crook who died swallowing his dope.


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