REPORT: Georgia’s Gov. Kemp scores big endorsement ahead of election showdown

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FIRST ON FOX: GOP Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia is landing the support of a high-profile Republican from neighboring South Carolina as he runs for re-election this year in a rematch against Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams, whom he narrowly defeated four years ago.

Kemp on Tuesday was endorsed by former two-term South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who served as ambassador to the United Nations during President Trump’s administration.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Governor Brian Kemp knows how to win. He’s a fighter who kept Georgia open for business, cut income taxes, suspended the gas tax, and brought record new jobs into the Peach State. Governor Kemp beat Stacey Abrams once, and he’ll do it again in November,” Haley said in a statement that was shared first with Fox News.

The report explains that Haley has been traveling across the country over the past year, trying to help fellow Republicans in their 2022 midterm races.

Kemp responded to Haley’s endorsement, writing on Twitter, “I’m honored to have @NikkiHaley‘s endorsement. Ambassador Haley knows that state leadership is the last line of defense against the failed liberal policies that created record inflation, high gas prices, and economic recession.”

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  1. Oh woo hoo! No one cares about Haley. This guy needs to gop down in flames! She turned out to be another RINO! Unfortunately, we have too many of them.

  2. Oh ok, 3% Nikki is really low profile. She got the same percentage RINO Lindsey Graham got.
    Kemp’s only saving Grace is he is running against a radical crazy person.

  3. That’s funny niki has no pull in the GOP lol but on a serious note kemp better beat Abrams she is a communist and a vote fraud person she should be in jail actually .. …

  4. Nikki Haley is no longer a big endorsement at all. She has lost her credibility. Still, even Kemp is better than Abrams.

  5. People need to know that at this time a vote for any democrat candidate is a vote for communism. They are who are pushing for one world order which is not a good scenario for the kids or any person who is not filthy rich.

    Think about this Joseph mengele who performed experiments of people in concentration camps was a war criminal. What do you call changing the sex of children. They will not be able to reproduce. They are looking to deplete the population except for who they think should be in their new world order. What gives them the right to decide. What was Hitler trying to do? Do people not see the correlation?


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