REPORT: Girls track team members suspended over sports bra controversy

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Members of the Albany High School girls’ track and field team in upstate New York received a suspension after promoting a petition to wear sports bras instead of shirts during practice, according to the Times Union.

Albany School District Athletic Director Ashley Chapple reportedly asked members of the girls’ track team wearing sports bras to leave practice last week.

The article goes on to state the following:

The athletes, who complied with Chapple’s request, said they believed practicing while wearing sports bras during a stretch of hot weather was appropriate since their male counterparts were allowed to go shirtless.

Sophmore student Jordan Johnson complained that they have to wear shirts. She told the Times Union, “Wednesday, she confronted us about wearing sports bras and saying we couldn’t [just] wear sports bras because we have male coaches. She said that before and she said us working out is a distraction. … We have to cover up because male coaches are around.”

The NY Post notes that Johnson started a petition, titled, “Stop Gender Biased Dress Codes: Allow the Girls Track Team to wear Sports Bras.”

The petition reads, “Support the albany high girls track team as we protest the gender biased dress code. The athletic administration staff is attempting to exclude us from our sport as a result of the misinterpretation of the dress code. We’re being punished for practicing in sports bras in the presence of male coaches, while the boys team was asked nicely to put shirts back on and was not punished.”

The petition is seeking 5,000 signatures, and already has nearly 4,000.

Gillian Branstetter, an official with the ACLU, tweeted:

Members of an Albany high school girls’ track team were suspended after leading a petition challenging a mandate that they wear tops over sports bras while training. In the athletic director’s words, they risked “distracting” the male coaches.

“We’re being punished for practicing in sports bras in the presence of male coaches, while the boys’ team was asked nicely to put shirts back on and was not punished.”

One parent reacted in fury, writing on Twitter:

My daughter is a junior at [email protected] (Albany, NY)Shame on the coach, the principal, and the Superintendent, all of who are WOMEN, for this slutshaming! As well as the gender bias and patriarchy. Why didn’t you remove and suspend the male ADULT coaches who can’t seem to control their creepy and illegal behavior, fire them all and then report them to the police?

How are you as women, mothers, daughters, and sisters going to do this to young women who you are supposed to care about and usher them into their strength and power as young women?

You should all be fired as well. This is 2022 and at least for now, we are not living in the #HandMaidsTale Kudos to all these powerful young women, we got your back!!! Signed, Rosa Clemente a proud parent of an Albany High School Girl @SpecNews1Albany @timesunion

Another parent wrote, Bruce Roter, wrote, “PROUD! My daughter’s team made the New York Post! (angry about the reason why!)”

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  1. Well hell u let men in woman sports and now your worried male coaches can’t control themselves ???? What the hell they wear dress to prom that show everything they wear bikinis that show everything now your worried guys are going to get the worry ideas

    Wow more worried about sports bra then killing babies

  2. In other words , girls and their parents are mad because they are called out for having no respect for themselves. Instead of petitioning to go shirtless, they should have petitioned to have the boys wear shirts. Modesty is a virtue and should be embraced, not rejected.

    • Wait, sports bras are nothing like regular bras. There is nothing showing at all, so what is next, one piece swimsuits for female swimmers. Are they going to take those away.

  3. So you’re worried about a sports bra that might show a little pokie…but not about a male with entire package out taking showers in women’s locker rooms…got it…smh


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