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A new report from Goldman Sachs released Sunday estimates that about 750,000 households could face eviction later this year unless Congress acts or rental assistance funds are more quickly distributed.

The Supreme Court blocked President Biden’s eviction moratorium last week, dealing a major blow to the administration’s hopes of preventing vulnerable Americans from losing housing during the pandemic.

The article goes on to state the following:

Roughly 2.5 million to 3.5 million American households are behind on their rent, according to the Goldman report. They owe landlords between $12 billion and $17 billion.

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  1. There is no way most of these people should be behind. Benefits did not stop and those on unemployment were making way more than normal. People took advantage and abused the eviction moratorium and now they must pay the price. No sympathy from here.

  2. I am not saying all but I bet a lot of renters could have payed at least partial if not all rent and just chose to take advantage. Did they think this would go on forever. So many landlords had to suffer the consequences. I know some time ago we thought about buying another home for investment to rent. Glad we did not as by now we more than likely would have lost it. These landlords deserve their money.

  3. Why doesn’t Goldman Sachs worry about banking and stay the hell out of politics. Worry about running your business instead of crawling up Biden’s ass! I would say after the 2008 banking fiasco you should be focused helping your customers that have mortgages and can’t pay them because of dead beats that would rather screw the landlords and not work.!!

  4. What the of percentage of the 750k received MORE money on unemployment than when they were working? I’m betting 50% is a low figure. As an owner of rental property I still had to pay the mortgage even though my tenants refused to pay their rent. NONE of these people were without income, just people working the system. On a related note, I’ll soon have 4 available apartments if y’all are interested . . .

    • Dave,

      I sincerely hope all of you landlords nationwide sue the federal government and the cdc for effectively overriding the leases between landlords and tenants.

      The federal government nor the cdc had no right to use their “stolen authority” to interfere with and supersede State contracts (leases) with their rent moratoriums, “because, covid.” Or, for any other reason.

      And you have the Supreme Court decision to use now.

  5. My sister and grandmother had owed rental property no matter how careful they were the tenants always turned out to be a nightmare. They would leave an steal appliances and literally destroy whatever they could. Now on the other hand there are decent people who rent, but I’ll tell you the problem what is being charged for rent is ridiculous people cannot pay such outrageous prices I have friends who’s only crime was not making enough money to pay these ridiculous rents.

  6. And i wonder how many landlords are getting the shaft? I read where a Air Force veteran had to sleep in her car with her daughter because her renters were not paying rent. How fair is that? Newsflash… land lords have mortgages too!

  7. I think a lot of people could have paid their rent, and they chose to spend the money on something else. Shame on them. Many people received unemployment, plus the additional $300 PER WEEK – that extra is $1,200 per month. They were just greedy and showed their true characterlessness. I’ve no sympathy for them.

    The other facet to their greed in not paying their landlords is that now, people who didn’t qualify for unemployment benefits and didn’t get that extra money are not being given an additional grace period on past due rent because the landlords cannot afford it any longer.

    Those who chose not to pay rent, but who could have, are total low life people. I can only hope that someone does unto them as they have done unto others.

  8. No one seems to give a damn about the poor landlords that still have to make the mortgage payments on their rental properties!!!! They’ll be homeless too when the banks repo all their shit!! And since when does a privately owned company like the cdc start making these rules!! Who the hell is running this country???😡

  9. As a landowner, I would want my property back. I would not want to support any one other than my own. I am not a corporation. I don’t have an endless stream of cash.

    I have a nephew that reveled in this scheme. He loved it. I was pretty much disgusted at a grown man with a wife taking advantage of a landlord and using his “extra” money for frivolity not using toward bills or rent. Actually, one thing he had planned to do was purchase a home!!!

    I’m certain he is not the only one.

  10. Can anyone explain, instead of a moratorium on paying rent, the government’s solution was to just pay the rent (for people who could prove lockdowns killed their income)? The cost would have been equivalent, but the landlords would not have been screwed.

  11. Hmm, I wonder how much Goldman Sachs and every other bank will profit from the evictions, the credit ding and the masively raised cot of borrowing whor both the renters and the owners.

    A second home rented out is the retirement plan for thousands, and the venture capitalist and mortgage companies have probably already started proceedings to sell off those properties to themselves for pennies on the dollar. Stealing assets like the libturds stole the election.


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