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The 14-year-old boy accused of shooting at two cops in Staten Island over the weekend was hit with attempted-murder charges and ordered held on $300,000 bail Sunday — as his aunt called him “a good kid.”

Isaiah Ramos wore black Nike slides, black shorts and a white t-shirt at his arraignment in Staten Island criminal court for allegedly firing on two cops in an unmarked police cruiser shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday.

The article goes on to state the following:

Neither cop was hit, and the officers arrested Ramos — who has no prior criminal record — after a short chase.

The teen’s aunt said, “He’s a good kid, but sometimes things happen.”

Micahel Harding, the attorney for Ramos was seeking leniency from the court stating that his young client had a previously clean record and that he’s an Eagle Academy student.

However, prosecutors requested the teen stay behind bars on $500,000 bail but the judge one-upped that and ordered him to be held on $300,000 cash bail or a $900,000 bond.

For unknown reasons, the teen walked up to the two officers sitting in an unmarked car and opened fire on them; luckily missing both cops and the car.

The handgun was found on the teen at the time of arrest.

A source said of the aunt’s “He’s a good kid” comment; “He was squeaky clean until last night, he debuted with that one.

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  1. Is this like the gentle giant who is a thief and tried to take the gun from the cop Hostler, those people do not deserve to even be on this blessed land, the biatch called him a good kid what a twisted culture of garbage….. ironically I was born in Africa and that garbage is not African

  2. Maybe. Just maybe, one if the challenges of joining a wanna be gangster duties just saying. Joining a wanna be gangster is not a good kid!

  3. Well sometimes good people do bad things. This could be a lifesaver for this young boy. Obviously something is going on with this kid. Hopefully he can get some help!p

    • Yes, let’s let him go and all will be well.
      Or maybe hold him in jail for attempting to kill people – you think maybe?
      I’ve known good people who did ‘bad things’ but never did they try to murder anyone.

    • Maybe you’ll still say that if he took a shot at the person you loved the most. Or at you while you were just sitting there doing your job.
      Maybe the gun made him do it, right?

  4. Thank God the bullets missed both Officers.. yeah he maybe was a good kid but he had a gun Auntie where did he get it Auntie⁉️ Where is Mom & Dad Auntie⁉️⁉️ God Bless this judge for upping the Bond on this wanna be little HoodRat‼️


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