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Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania reportedly fired an employee after he raised concerns with the company’s “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” (DEI) initiative.

Timothy O’Malley, a ten-year employee of Goodwill, told the Federalist he was fired after speaking out against their implicit bias training. Implicit bias training is a key component of critical race theory (CRT), the woke agenda that has sparked a culture war and pushed Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin to victory earlier this month.

The article goes on to state the following:

O’Malley said these trainings took place in “three to four hour” sessions and were led by a “racial equity trainer.” “They started pushing us to recruit employees to be part of it,” O’Malley said of the training.

The report also explains that Goodwill Industries International brought on Dr. Samatha-Rae Dickenson as director of diversity, equity, and inclusion in June 2021, “primarily due to her writings about the “racial microaggressions” black women face in the public sector work environment.”

Since hiring Dickenson, Goodwill has pressured regional branches to promote DEI initiatives, and the company’s website has a three-part series on “microaggressions and the harm they cause.”

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  1. Yeah because my white privileged ass has got up for the last 40 years and worked and still working to be told to be less white! How in the hell am i responsible for what happened over 230 years ago! I mean really people! I will never put my head down because of the color of my skin, I’ve done nothing wrong!

  2. Well Goodwill, we’re finished. We’ll donate the $10,000 worth of clothes to Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul. While we’re going there instead, we’ll give coats and blankets to the homeless. You’ve forgotten why you were formed.

  3. Dont forget” GREED wil” l is the real name the CEO is a multimillionaire since most of the finsncial donations line his fkn pockets. Well churches and shelters it is !!

  4. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT,! Both Goodwill and salvation army are going woke. I WILL NOT donate or step one foot into these bulls*it woke establishments, EVER!

  5. Goodwill changed years ago It was suppose to be a non profit.
    It’s donations ( other peoples stuff ) they sell And they were suppose to give the disabled jobs. But they fired the disabled and began and to look like high end stores
    I would not give either Salvation Army or Goodwill or the Red Cross one donation
    Folks there are too many homeless to give your stuff too . So I know you can find people who really need clothes and blankets
    Over 20 years ago I used to go to all those stores with a friend Her mother had to go every week.
    This incident took place where I lived.
    It was both Salvation Army And Goodwill stores on the same Piedmont hwy In Greenville SC
    There had been a couple of bad house fires 2 nights before that were in the news.
    I was personally was present when Both families of those fires came in It seems that the welfare office gives a voucher for clothes and home items.
    I watched as the one over each store ( they are just right down the street From each other. We left one and went to the other With granny) gave One shirt one pair of pants per person in the family and one pot and one frying pan to the couple
    All of which was in the pile for garbage. I also saw for years the woman that was over Salvation Army take what she wanted and called her son to com and pic up furniture to take to their store Heard and saw it.
    Never went back again


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